The “Mentekering” talk host show anchor Pa Modou Bojang, who recently had Lamin Kinteh on air, the Gorgi Mboob’s accuser, has apologized to one Marabout, who goes with the name Kamateh, after his radio station had aired fake news against the grand marabout. This followed Lamin Kinteh’s allegations that Gorgi Mboob has allegedly extorted D14 million dalasis from him. Kinteh said he was a victim of marabout “hypnotization.” One of the “Mentekering callers” one Bangfa, had claimed that there was another marabout in town, who was in the business of allegedly extorting money from his clients. The said Marabout has no ties with Kinteh’s story.

In dissociating himself from the caller’s allegations, Pa Modou Bojang, in a subsequent radio program said: “Bangfa is my Dad. He made a mistake. Kamateh has called me. He has denied the allegations. He said he has never dealt with Bangfa; that he has never dealt with anyone close to Bangfa. Kamatah has also said that he is not an extortionist, that he is not a “hypnotizer.”

Bojang has been using his radio station to throw jabs at his perceived opponents within and outside the government. A “back way” semester Kinteh, was on his radio, where Kinteh had leveled allegations of extortion against Gorgi Mboob, the Commander of the anti-crime unit. Mboob was never availed the right to reply. Pa Modou Bojang jumped into conclusion and said that he believed in Kinteh’s allegations. He repeatedly called on President Barrow to fire Mboob.

What followed later, was a national outrage. The Gambian Facebookers also relied on a one-sided story, without hearing from the accused Gorgi Mboob. Mboob has since denied the allegations.

The marabout that Pa Modou Bojang is apologizing to has no connection with the Lamin Kinteh story. One of Bojang’s callers used his medium to spew lies against this innocent marabout.

“We want to make it clear that what Bangfa said doesn’t represent the position of the radio. We never said that Kamateh is an extortionist. I don’t even know Kamateh. When he called me, I told him that Bangfa is my father, I took that responsibility. I told him that if you are going to sue anybody, you should sue me, but if I beg you, please accept it. I am apologizing to you; we are sorry for what was said. It will never happen again, that to err is human. We don’t know you,” Bojang remarked in the local Mandinka dialect.

Radio stations should not be used as a medium to broadcast one sided story. The Rwandan genocide was caused by radio stations.

Who knows if Gorgi Mboob is a victim of blackmail? If Pa Modou can retract an allegation made by one of his callers, what is the guarantee that some of the guests coming to his medium might not be using him to spread fake news?

He made similar accusations against King Colley. The matter was later settled.

His brother Sheriff Bojang jrn, the President of The Gambia Press Union was recently on “Mentekering”, where he stated unequivocally that it was wrong for Pa Modou Bojang to allow people to trade one sided stories on his radio without hearing from the other end. Sheriff was right. That kind of journalism is what we call low ebb journalism. It could cause damage to one’s character, person, and integrity.

It is always good to hear from others before running with one sided story. If the person accused, could not be reached, it should be stated on the broadcast. And efforts should be made to report the accused person’s side of the story.

Listen to Pa Modou again: “We do not want callers to call and accuse others, who have no business about some of the issues we discuss on the radio. People working in the government could be discussed.  If you have something or information about government workers, you can call and air your opinion.  But people sitting in their homes, doing their Marabout things or other things, but that is not our business. That is the job of the police, that is why we have the police here. If there is a quarrel between people, that is not my business, let them go to the police. If someone owes you money, that is not my business, that is not my business, you should go to the police. I received all kinds of reports here. Couples would even bring their marital issues here. Some men would begged me to help mediate them and their wives, women would also do the same.  We are operating here like a Wi-Fi. It goes around,” Bojang remarked.

“I am once again apologizing to Kamateh. To Kamateh’s customers, we want to state that we have never accuse him of being an extortionist. If he is serving your expectations, we will encourage you to continue do business with him. Many people have told me that Kamateh is a man of wisdom and blessing.  Kamateh on behalf of the radio, my hat is off for you, I am begging you to forgive us, if our radio program has caused harm, and distress to you, your family, friends, and loved ones, we are deeply sorry.  Bangfa is calling right now, but I wouldn’t be able to take him right now. I will have him on air when the lines are open. I just want us to move and leave this topic alone.  I have apologized to Kamateh, and he has accepted my apology. Dad Bangfa, let us not revisit this topic,” he concluded.

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