Sacking Gorgi Mboob, is going to embolden those bent on destabilizing the country through organized crime and protest marches, one official of the Barrow administration remarked during a phone conversation with this medium. The official said Mr. Mboob is a victim of blackmail and his removal could pave the way for other “innocent officers” to suffer a similar fate. The official, who wished not to be named, has praised Mboob and his antic rime team for curbing petty crime and other deadly crimes in the country.

President Barrow has been meeting with his trusted security chiefs. The regime is increasingly worried about a possible uprising to hit the impoverished West African nation. There is growing agitation within and outside the country for the regime to change its governance style. There are also calls for the regime to be removed.

In order to restore calm, the police have decided to send Gorgi Mboob on an administrative leave. This followed accusations of torture and extortion against Mboob. Mboob has denied the allegations.

“Gorgi Mboob is the police’s black sheep. Those advocating for his removal have an agenda. Their agenda is to weaken the anti-crime unit, so that their goal to destabilize this country would become an easy shot. This country is at crossroads. President Barrow has no solution to the current crisis. If Gorgi is fired, the IGP, the Interior Minister and others would follow. These people will not stop unless Barrow ceases to be the President of this country,” the official remarked.

The supporters of the sacked National Youth Council President Lamin Darboe are bracing up for a demonstration scheduled for July 29th, coupled with the Gorgi Mboob national outrage.

The official has warned that if  Gorgi Mboob’s case is not handled with care, it could degenerate into a national unrest. “There are many hopeless people sitting, these are former Barrow supporters now turned Barrow foes, they are waiting for such a moment to happen so that they can avenge their anger, and frustration against this government. They want to see an uprising like the Malian crisis in this country,” said the official.

“A special panel was set up to investigate the D14 million case. No evidence of culpability was found against Gorgi Mboob. The complainant even tried to allegedly lure Gorgi to maltreat the Marabout, who he has accused of extortion, but Gorgi refused. The IGP Mamout Jobe can attest to that. CMC Demba Sowe can also attest to what I am telling you. With regards to the torture allegations against Gorgi, the complainant’s story couldn’t be substantiated. The medical report doesn’t support his claims. He was alleged to have suffered from sexually transmitted disease (STD), per what I  gathered. The police should release the medical report for public scrutiny. There are folks who are bent on using both cases to settle political score with the administration. The Gambia has now become a land of misinformation, lies, treachery and blackmailing,” the official added.

This is not the first time that Gorgi Mboob has been accused of torture. His house was set ablaze, following the death of one Sierra Leonean national. The Sierra Leonean businessman died few days after he was released from police custody.

The police said the Sierra Leonean man was suffering from asthma prior to his death. The police had also debunked the torture allegations.

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