Mai Ahmad Fatty Weighs In On His Track Record At The Ministry Of Interior

Gambia Moral Congress (GMC), Mai Ahmad Fatty, on Tuesday reiterated his claim that he was able to build an enviable track records at the Ministry of Interior. He blamed the Barrow government for allowing his legacy to be eroded as the strategic plan for the institution has been buried immediately after his sacking.
Speaking to journalists, Fatty clearly stated that it was in his endeavour that the first national security assessment report was produced and validated.
The GMC leader held a press conference last Tuesday during which he dived into a number of burning issues affecting the country.
“I made sure that the task force was held under my office at the Ministry of Interior for closer supervision and coordination,” he added while indicating that the project was funded by United Nations and European Union.
He went further to say that he worked with his senior management team to come up with a strategic plan (2017-2020), describing the move as the “culmination of wisdom” of the ministry and major stakeholders.
GMC emblematic figure deplored the fact that since he left the ministry in November 2017 the strategic plan was abandoned, delaying plans to move toward a complete overhaul of the security sector.
“Today, crime is on the rise. The high sense of confidence, high morale, and institutional empowerment I had injected in the Gambia Police Force, and other satellite institutions have been eroded,” he said citing various contributing factors that continue to dampen the enthusiasm of those pushing ahead with a reform agenda.
The country is outraged at the inability of law enforcement institutions to protect the public, he remarked.
Mai Ahmad Fatty warned Gambians against the rising number of criminals ‘produced’ by the country. A situation that has triggered cross border operations and other violent offences.
Written by Abdoulie John
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