Gambia: Another Fire Outbreak At The Brikama Market; Trader Sheds Light On The Latest Market Fire Incident!


Early this morning another fire incident has ravaged the Brikama main market again. This is the second incident in the same market this year alone. This time it is so worrying that  it’s just 30 meters away from Nawec’s office and 50 meters from Trust Bank.

We the the market community are so worried that this incident happened at a time that many business others are at home with their families to celebrate Eid. So the government needs to beef up the security in the market areas especially just this time of the year.

Just yesterday another canteen was vandalized and all the goods taken just opposite the the Brikama Area Council. I strongly believe that the office of the I.G needs to conduct through investigation into these seemingly increasing fire incident, and bring the perprators to justice. As some of us in the market believe that this could be a sabotage to the present government.

The Gambia is a fragile economy especially during this Covid-19. So businesses  should be protected by all means. The Government should get to the root of this problem to win our confidence as Gambians willing to invest the little we have.

By A Concerned Trader

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