Dear Pa,

First of all, I wish to thank you for your sincere and consistent efforts in the development of our beloved country.

Pa, for your information Mr. Ebrima KS Dampha has been removed amid the expiration of his contract. The Government did not renew his contract and yet unable to replace him.

The deputy Governor has been acting since his removal, but many are concerned about the inability of the deputy Governor to act as a Governor.

The Minister Musa Drammeh is so ……REDACTED and believe in REDACTED ….. so much that appointing has been a problem. He puts his mouth everywhere in appointments issue, making it difficult to appoint someone to replace the ex- Governor. Musa Drammeh is a big REDACTED ….. and a failure to Barrow’s government. Since he became a Minister to date, he has never visited the municipalities and area councils which is more than strange in good governance.

For almost a year and a half since the retirement of the former chief of Jokadou, his senior court member as being acting to date. He is not sworn in and yet running the district tribunal court. Everywhere in this country, you have land dispute and yet everything is happening under his watch.

If Barrow don’t remove him, he shall make Barrow loose support. A word for the wise is enough.

  1. Jobe

Editor’s note:  The author’s claims could not be independently confirm.  we have redacted some of the allegations contained in his letter. Thanks for your attention.

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