Halifa Sallah: “A New Step Must Be Taken.”

The Secretary General of the People’s Democratic Organization for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS), Halifa Sallah, has said that the 2016 regime change did not live up to the fullest of its promises. He urged Gambians to take a new step that would inexorably lead them to real change.
“The change that occurred did not lead to the eradication of the poverty of the people, and the basis of their indignities,” he said in a statement delivered on Saturday at a ceremony held at PDOIS polical bureau in Churchill’s town, and marking the 34th anniversary of the party.
In the run-up to December 2016 presidential elections, PDOIS spearheaded opposition parties talks that helped to overcome challenges by staying focused on the main objective: the formation of Coalition 2016 that was able to unseat Gambia’s longtime ruler, Yahya Jammeh. Due to strategic considerations, PDOIS desisted to be part of the first post-Jammeh gov’t before parting ways with Coalition 2016.
“That is why a new step must be taken towards this long journey that would finally eradicate the poverty of our people,” Sallah added in an attempt to reiterate that the party will continue to stick to its progressive agenda…
Since its inception, PDOIS founders have always made sure that the party will be on the right side of history by defending good causes.
Far from undermining the impact of the 2016 regime change, Halifa Sallah acknowledged the fact that the tiny West African nation did witness a revolution three years back.
“A revolution occurred! Change occurred!” he exclaimed while emphasizing that the change has enabled Gambians to discover their power – they never believed they have.
“Sovereignty resides in you,” he said while making it very clear that the said power could be meaningless if people failed to organise themselves.
“There is no voiceless human being in a sovereign Republic. There is no minority in a sovereign Republic. There are citizens of the land,” he remarked.
He further stated that 2016 is just a first step towards what he described as “the final step of making the Gambian people truly sovereign.”
Written by Abdoulie John
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