Covid 19 Security front line officers,
The Gambia,
03rd August,  2020.

It is a great concerned and disappointment  from  the  Gambia government  and the police heads at large that  the security front line officers  from various locations in the country  are still  not being  paid,  since the  state of emergency was declared by the head of state..

The police comprising  the military personnel and immigration officers  have been enforcing  the emergency regulations since the onset, working tirelessly without complaining, but still received no single penny from who so ever is responsible for their welfare.

The health personnel have received their allowances before Tobaski,  why not the security officers who are working both day and night, risking their lives into the crowded markets area’s  and patrolling all over the country in making sure peoples must be adhered to the emergency regulations.

The same security front line officers are still been used to enforce the compulsory wearing of face masks. Still there is full compliance from the officers . Most of them are junior officer’s and feel  afraid to complain further.

These is gross human rights violations. Even food to eat is no longer  catered for them,  the officers buy food from their pockets.

The health minister should immediately take action into this serious  matter, because without security, none of the regulations from him will be respected.  It is basically  inhuman to used your own security officers without looking into their welfare..

It is dangerous to use your own security officers without given them tools to protect them self from the deceased.

The DIG Abdoulie Sanyang,  is said to be the head of the Covid 19 security front line officers,thus, he doesn’t make any visiting round to check on the welfare of his men to know their needs neither nor will  brief them about their allowances.

The IGP should come out and shed light about these issues whether the front line officers  have been allocated for Covid 19 allowances or not. If they are allocated,  why payments are still not done? If they are not,  something must be done immediately to pay them.

These front line officer’s are really suffering,  they used their own monies to pay fares and get to work for the pass five month’s..

The general public should know that the Covid 19  security  front line officer’s are still not been paid for their allowances, and still they are engaging them on the enforcement of compulsory of wearing face masks..

Editors note: The above note was forwarded to us by a Gambian security official. Thanks for your attention.

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