COVID-19 response: Project Aid The Gambia urgently seeks clearance for container loaded with 36 ventilators for Ministry of Health


Press Release Project Aid The Gambia, International NGO A57 — for immediate release —

COVID-19 response: Project Aid The Gambia urgently seeks clearance for container loaded with 36 ventilators for Ministry of Health Manjai Kunda, August 6th, 2020 Project Aid The Gambia, International NGO A 57, urgently seeks clearance for an aid container loaded with 36 ventilators and 18 hospital beds due to be handed over to the Gambian Ministry of Health. The container from Germany loaded with live saving medical equipment has arrived at Banjul ports on Monday, August 3rd, 2020.

Since Monday the management team of Project Aid has been seeking customs clearance and duty waiver from the ministries involved, which is Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance, resp. GRA. The NGO staffs are struggling with this task as both ministries as well as the NGO Affairs Agency office were found totally empty or closed. They seem to have been shut down to either fumigation measures and/or quarantining of ministries’ staff. The 36 ventilators (both invasive and with masks) are donations, gathered by Project Aid The Gambia from two medical supplier companies in Germany.

Additional medical accessories for the ventilators, provided by Project Aid The Gambia, Germany, have also arrived in the container. The 18 hospital beds are a donation from the Ruhrland Clinic/University Hospital of Essen, Germany, that in 2019 and 2020 had already supported the health services of The Gambia through a donation of hospital beds and other medical equipment.

As the container is ready to offload tomorrow, Matthias Ketteler, Chairman of Project Aid The Gambia and Goodwill Ambassador at Large of The Republic of The Gambia, is appealing to the authorities involved: “As the country is in desperate need of those ventilators in its fight against COVID-19, the authorities should not waste any time and grant the clearance as soon as possible.”

The chairman moreover expects to receive a list of governmental hospital/major health centers, which will receive the ventilators: “The information about the final destination of the equipment is a very important information to be given to the sponsors in Germany, who donated the equipment”, Matthias Ketteler said.

All equipment is second hand, but in good and functional condition, which will be checked again by Project Aid The Gambia prior to the delivery to the Ministry of Health. The ventilators will be used for the treatment of seriously ill COVID-19 patients, the numbers of which are increasing. The ventilators have a new value of approx. 11m GMD.

Today the Director of Health Services granted clearance on behalf of the Ministry of Health and assisted the NGO in seeking the clearance of the Ministry of Finance. Once the final clearance is done, two of the ventilators are due to be delivered to the private Medicare Clinic in Brufut. In return, the clinic has agreed to instruct staff of the governmental clinics in the proper operation of the equipment. The training of the staff will be supervised by a Venezuelan ER Doctor, who is currently working as a medical advisor at Project Aid The Gambia.For additional information please email to [email protected] Jobarteh Matthias Ketteler Project Coordinator Chairman Project Aid The Gambia Project Aid The Gambia

Background information on Project Aid The Gambia – International NGO A57
Since 1986 Project Aid The Gambia – International NGO A57 has been running several projects in The Gambia. The focus of the activities lies on the sister villages Jahaly and Madina located in CRR, South Bank in a 270 kilometer ́s distance from the Kombo region. A small Gambian management team is organizing the projects on the ground.
The German sister NGO, also called Project Aid The Gambia, is funding the Gambian Project Aid. The organization in Germany has got about 50 members and about 350 friends and supporters, who are donating for the projects and doing fundraising events. The administration costs of the German organization are extremely low, i.e. 0.98 % of the incoming donations in 2019. That means: from every single Euro that is being donated, about 99 Euro cents directly go to the people of Jahaly and Madina.
The projects are: Jahaly Health Centre in Jahaly (since 1991), Jahaly/Madina Kindergarten with nursery school (since 2004), four women ́s gardening projects (since 2003), the construction of eco-friendly smoke-free ovens (since 2010), the plantation of Moringa trees (since 2012), the construction of the model clinic Njaba Kunda Health Centre in the village Njaba Kunda (2011/12) located at the North Bank, the support and surgery of Gambian kids (since 2012), who can’t be treated in The Gambia – a cooperation with the German NGO Friedensdorf (Peace Village) International. In February 2017 Project Aid The Gambia took over the management and administration of the Health Center Buniadu, NBR, in cooperation with the German NGO Riverboat Doctors International.
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