The Gambia: NPP/APRC Alliance for 2021 Election?


The Gambia:  NPP/APRC Alliance for 2021 Election?

Union of political groups to jointly contest election is fairly common. Even Gambia has her fair share of political unions from late 1950s to the 2016 Coalition. They’re usually about winning and hardly anything to do with ideals, principles and/orthe people. The unorthodox formation process of The Coalition 2016 promised not mere removal of Yahya but a 3-year democratization transitional governance. On the one hand Dr. Barrow failed to honor terms of contract he and his party freely entered into and on the other hand the parties failed and/or could not enforce the contract. This is bad for our people – 3 years and counting Gambia is constitutionally, democratically and/or economically no better than the day Yahya was ousted.

After dishonoring a 3-year contract he willfully entered into and failed to commandeer a single meaningful democratic governance reform Dr. Barrow now want to remain in the StateHouse beyond 5 years. Who would have thought? However, he is not sure if he can convince voters on his own merits. He is said to be assessing ways that could boost his chances.  Recent rumors and even newspaper articles indicated Dr. Barrow/NPPare in negotiations with APRC to jointly contest 2021 election.

I hardly care political cabals because they are hardly for the people as they are for the themselves. This one though, should it come to being will inevitably come with some national implications:

1) Will the 1994 coupists ever answer for their alleged crimes at court?

The July 22, 1994 coup was a treasonable crime punishable by death. It wasn’t adjudicated because the whole of that period was forcibly imposed. Ironically even during that period those accused of attempted coup(s) by Yahya were punished by death, exiled, long term imprisonments usually without courts. So why after 3 years and counting this question wasn’t brought to the courts by Dr. Barrow’s administration? Will it ever be brought to court if Dr. Barrow team up with Yahya/APRC for his political survival?

2) Will April 10 & 11, 2001 victims ever see justice – ‘justice delayed is justice denied’?

Some 2 decades ago security agents allegedly under the command of senior government officials sprayed unarmed demonstrating students with live ammunitions that killed about a dozen. It’s being 3 years and counting since we defeat Yahya and no one is brought before the courts to answer for these alleged crimes. Will Gambia and the victims ever see justiceif/when Yahya/APRC become Barrow/NPP’s political savior?

3) Will Yahya’s holdings and assets be ever investigated?

Yahya arrived at State house as poor as a church-mouse. He left one of the richest men in Africa. How did he acquire such wealth in 22 years while at the helm of our nation? This is a question our elected government should not only be concern but find out. We know his wages. We should know his private businesses and their potential returns. Equally we can determine all his assets and values. Equip with such data we can easily determine what Yahya can legitimately own. Anything materially outside of such determination – Yahya should be required by courts to answer. With the looming political union will Yahya not be seal from such disclosure?

4) Will Yahya be allowed back a free citizen and as well with full benefits retired president?

Its unimaginable Yahya/APRC will enter into a union with Barrow/NNP without material benefits for Yahya. Such benefits could include return home as a free retired president with full retirement benefits, keep his wealth/holdings, no retroactive prosecution, fraction of government to APRC (for instance ¼ or ½ of cabinet to APRC), etc. Without such sweeteners why would he bother?

Will Dr. Barrow swallow all these poison-pills and form a union with Dr. Yahya/APRC for the possibility to remain president?“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely – Lord Acton. By the way who is this Adama Barrow? You 

For The Gambia Ever True

Burama FL Jammeh

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