Gambia: Nyang Njie Clears The Air; Denies Being Attacked By A Mob; He says he was attacked two guys!


Contrary to reports circulating on Gambian social media describing an incident that took place in Banjul. I can authoritavely state that NYANG NJIE is alive and well and he was not confronted by a mob but by two individuals whose motives were personal and with the intent to assault and cause grievous bodily harm. Fortunately, the crowd that was present exercised calm and caution. I salute all that had the courage of conviction to desist from violence and by engaging constructively to challenge the prevailing proposition advanced by NYANG NJIE on his Vlogs.

Gambia is a country of law and I expect the Office of the IGP to diligently handle the issue judiciously. Without fear, favour and or ill will. No one will silence NYANG NJIE or other VOICES OF DISSENT in the Gambia. The Government has so far given us the space and latitude to excercise our right of expression and we may be at loggerheads with critics who disapprove of our utterances. People are entitled to divergent views and they must be resolved in the MARKET PLACE OF IDEAS.

I commend all those that called to check on my well being and I can affirm to you all that I am doing well and as a responsible citizen, I have instituted the right cause of action as prescribed by law. God bless the Gambia and all her diverse peoples. May we live to fight another day as the struggle for redemption, political consciousness and personal awareness is still an elusive quest for the Gambia. No love lost to all and sundry but our social construct needs severe DISRUPTION and this will be attained through have tough conversations that have deterred our collective progress. Great evening to all and whilst at it let us stay safe as Covid is the unseen enemy that is ravaging our communities. Jere Jeff and as the negro hymn of redemption States “we will march on till victory is won”.

Written by Nyang Njie

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