Waa Banjul Rolls-Royce Silver Spoon v Dogo Dogo Wooden Spoon!


Waa Banjul Rolls-Royce Silver Spoon v Dogo Dogo Wooden Spoon!

Hi Pa,

Firstly, I have been on the phone today to my two family households in The Gambia, one Jarju and the other Jallow, and everyone is very worried indeed about the Corona-virus situation in the country. There is really not much to be said about the situation that has not been said, other than to do the little we can and wish everyone well. My advice over the phone is 1) Wear Masks 2) Use hand gel or water and soap to wash hands regularly 3) Loss of taste and smell means you must isolate at once – until you get your test result.

That said, I have been much amused with the antiques of my old friend Prof Nyang Njie. I saw his long attack on the people of Banjul on YouTube and I could not stop shaking my head in disbelief. We all have faults but you can’t lump a whole people together and condemn them as Nyang did with “Waa Banjulians”. Secondly, as Nyang was born with “a silver spoon in his mouth” it is a bit rich of him (no pun intended!) to condemn those who did not have even a wooden spoon and had to do what they can to survive and make their way in life – as many Banjulians did/do.

So it is amusing to know that Nyang has become Persona-Non-Grata in his own home-town! Having to escape through the back gates of a compound to his multi-million pounds Rolls Royce! Hilarious.

On a serious point, people who engage in provocative social media must expect a response in kind – when they meet their “victims”. Nyang initiated a robust debate with Banjulians, and he must not get scared and run for cover when the debate gets hot on the streets!

If Nyang has not been physically assaulted, the police should have sent him home and concentrated on their more important work combating corona.

By the way, if Nyang’s case goes to court will he expect “Waa Banjul dogo dogo” to be witnesses for him?

Take care Pa, corona is picking up again here in UK – thanks to crazy young people flocking to the bars in search of alcohol and sex!

Dida Jallow-Halake,

London, UK.

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