Darboe-Halifa Partnership; a definitive solution to the Gambia’s political stability and economic development.


Darboe-Halifa Partnership; a definitive solution to the Gambia’s political stability and economic development.

Lawyer Darboe and Halifa Sallah, over the past two decades, are the most respected political leaders that commanded a huge political admiration, respect, inspiration and support based across the country for not only their opposition to dictatorship, grotesque abuse of rights, violation of human dignity and mismanagement of public funds; but for their staunch advocacy for a democratic Gambia, were citizens could live in dignity, respect for human rights and rule of law and realization of economic enhancement and development. However, the political plurality between the two have seemingly derail and divided a potential political movement that has the ability to galvanized the much needed political capital and resources, that could bring about the much needed political leadership and economic development, that the Gambia as a country, is being yearning for since the attainment of our independence from the colonial rule.

UDP-PDOIS sincere partnership and collaboration, through harmonization and reconciliation of political ideologies and policies, is a catalyst to changing our long standing political leadership quagmire for economic development and political stability. Both Darboe and Halifa have their own ideological imperfections and leadership limitations. but I strongly believe that by working together; putting their differences aside, if there is? and bridging each others deficiencies, can deliver us to the promised land.
Is high time Gambians wake up and reign on these two distinguished sons of our Country to come together and accept the political realities of the moment and move this country to the next level. In the coalition of the two, Darboe and UDP has the numbers and the ground political support based but lack to some degree the trust and confidence of the other important voting block that are equally instrumental in our quest for political and economic progress. However, the presence of Halifa and PDOIS on the other hand, is going to bring about the assurance and trust for the other critical voting block and citizenry that might be fearful of UDP political leadership. The combined effects of the two would consequently resulted to the reconciliation of the both side of the most important and critical political constituency imperative for our political and economic progress as a nation. Besides, UDP being part of the socialist Democratic movement and PDOIS a socialist movement should make it realizable and practical for an easy formation of a political consensus.

It’s going to be a great lost, for us the Gambians, for our collective failure to harnessing the expertise of these two distinguished and most respected political leaders to change the course of the seemingly unending political leadership crisis before they pass out. Let the supporters of both leaders slow down their resentful rhetorics, stop the blame games and come up with a unifying messages and reach out to the two leaders. It doesn’t happened before doesn’t mean it can’t happened. I believe the past coalition arrangements were done haphazardly due to the prevailing circumstances, which is understood. However, a lot of lessons were learnt and their is an ample time to device a well crafted and designed MOU under the tutelage of the two. I have no doubt that Darboe and Halifa will have no qualms to working together to actualize the best for our country for they both have the interest of the country at heart.

Saikou imam jabbi
BSc Hons
MB ChB student, UTG

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