Gambia: Sukuta man accuses anti-crime of assaulting his pregnant wife, mother


The anti-crime officers assaulted a pregnant woman in her home in Sukuta while enforcing the ban on social gathering imposed by the government, Baboucarr Darboe, husband of the alleged victim Amie Bojang has alleged.

Babucarr alleged that his wife was slapped and kicked by members of anti-crime unit in her compound when they encountered her while in hot pursuit of youths who breached the ban by gathering in a nearby video club.

“My wife begged them to forgive the boys since they ran off the streets into our compound. One of the anti-crime operatives insulted her and slapped her. He kicked her and hit her with fists. My mother came out to plead with them but they manhandled her too and even tore her clothes,” Babucarr recounted.

Mr. Darboe said his wife was taken to hospital for a medical check up to ensure her safety due to the advanced stage of her pregnancy and the matter was later reported to the police.

“We went to anti-crime with members of my family to lodge a complaint with Gorgi Mboob, but he did nothing except offering apologies.  We want justice and accountability for the treatment meted out on my pregnant wife and my aged mother who was treated in a disrespectful manner and had her clothes torn.  This is unacceptable and I want justice to be done”, Baboucarr lamented.

The police could not be reached for comment at press time.

Written By Sainey Darboe

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