Beakanyang to Commemorate International Youth Day Today


Beakanyang to Commemorate International Youth Day Today

Beakanyang is today joining youth-led organizations, other partners, United Nations and it member states to commemorate International Youth Day (IYD).

According to a press release issued by the organization, IYD is a global annual event endorsed by the United Nation and celebrated on 12th August to underscore the immense contribution of young people and to also raise awareness on the challenges facing young people globally. The objective of the day is strengthening the work of the young people and to intensify their voices around the globe.

The international theme for this year is Youth Engagement for Global Action while our local theme of Beakanyang is ‘Youth Participation in Fostering Human Rights during Covid-19’.

This year, Beakanyang is observing the day with a virtual youth dialogue around human rights during this pandemic of COVID-19 in collaboration with Youth for Human Rights The Gambia.

The virtual conversation on the local sub-theme among others provide platform to young people to best practices and get inspired by prominent human rights defenders thus encouraging them to partake in local action in advancing human rights.

Young people have the right to voice their opinion and the global community needs to facilitate a safe space for their participation particularly in times of a pandemic such as COVID-19.

The key speakers for the event include our 2019 Human RIGHTS HERO Award Winner Mr. Madi Jobateh and Dr Mary Shuttle worth, President of Youth for Human Rights International.

The session will be moderated by Mr. Nfamara Jawneh Executive Director of Beakanyang and Mr. Muhamed Sawaneh, Chairperson of Youth for Human Rights The Gambia.

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