COVID-19 hits home – speedy recovery my people – follow Regulations – stay safe


COVID-19 hits home – speedy recovery my people – follow Regulations – stay safe

I am shocked, worried and concerned if not confused by the number of cases registered in LatrikundA Sabiji Constituency. A highly populated area with a lots of people in their 50s and siizeable youth population.

This news has been received with great shocked – it’s also hitting hard the two biggest wards in the constituency which are Faji Kunda and Abuko Wards. Who knows how far this has gone – we are already on our knees.

Cognizant that we are living in uncertain times, this pandemic is a threat to human existence exemplified by the world health experts being victims- this virus is no respecter of persons or positions or age! Let’s wake up and prevent this disaster.

Taking reference on the covid-19 updates by the Ministry of Health on the 3rd August, 2020 – the report states that Faji Kunda ward has 5 confirmed cases and Abuko with 2 cases. This has brought a great deal of panic to the two wards and I am calling them to keep calm as the virus cannot be defeated with fear but rather a call of togetherness to face one common enemy. I am acutely aware that every single case reporter has the ability of another 5 to 10 cases unreported. We need to treat ourselves as COVID-19 patients and take the recommendations for recovery.

With Covid-19, you are either infected or affected and my heart goes out to all those infected with the virus and am praying for their speedy recovery. COVID-19 is not a death sentence, you can recover from it and continue to live a normal and fulfilled life. Get tested and help end the pandemic now.

As there has never been a debate of whether we shall die but when , same theory needs to be applied that unless we follow the regulations, it’s a matter of when we all shall be infected but not if we shall be infected. The good news is- All is in our hands!

I send you all a message of hope, love and care during these difficult moments – we shall overcome.

My people – after rain comes sunshine – this too shall pass.

I wish those infected the best of recovery

Ebrima Nyang

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