Gambia: Another Shameful Rescinding and oversight By PMO at the Ministry of Works


After recruiting for the position of Director of technical Services at the Ministry of Works this year 2020, few months along the line, the Director without being granted leave decided to abandon his post/office and proceed to Canada without proper procedures, no handing over as contrast to the General Orders. Until recently after one month the said Director of technical services, Ministry of Works is not seen or heard on duties without any tangible explanation and the Permanent Secretary is fully aware. WHAT IS GOING ON?

In the same vein, the Principal Assistant Secretary Ministry of Works was recently redeployed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but guess what. She went to the corrupt official at PMO and told them that, let her stay at Works for reasons that will be kept anonymous as at now until the next episode of which connection with the top management at PMO is at stake.

But little do we know at PMO, our self-declared openly corrupt and arrogant officers went ahead and revoke the redeployment of the said officer from works to Foreign Affairs, as she is due for redeployment just as others within the sector are being redeployed for service continuity.

I wish we have that many departments who can stand against this unfortunate group of good for nothing PMO that are trying to destroy the civil service.

If public institutions like the admin office can be compromised in this new government what is left for us to hope for.

The growth of any Nation depends on the productivity of her workforce and therefore we cannot move this country an inch if we start to corrupt the recruitment and redeployment process of that work force. This has been the case in the civil service during the former regime and is unfortunate that the same people who engineered nonsense and carry it out exactly as required for the Monster dictator are still in the same positions doing the same thing.

Please let’s watch out PMO how it will unfold with the Director of Technical Services and the Principal Assistant Secretary at Works.

God Save our beloved Gambia.

From: Concern Servant.


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