Banjul Mayoress Rohey Malick Lowe should Be Investigated


Banjul Mayoress Rohey Malick Lowe should Be Investigated

Earlier this week Freedom Newspaper made an allegation against the Mayo of Banjul Rohey Malick Low. There have been allegations of fraud in the city. These are serious allegations against the Mayoress. If these allegations happens to be true, the Mayoress should resign.

Here is what freedom reports.

The Barrow government should send auditors to the BCC. Millions of dalasis would be found stolen in that council.

Not long ago, Rohey Malick Low claimed to have donated D10 million dalasis to the women of Banjul. Keep in mind that the Mayor’s monthly salary is less than D30,000 dalasis. The million-dollar question is: where does she get such funds?

She has been using the council to promote her political agenda. She recently gave D20,000 dalasis to one Fatou Faye, one of her supporters to acquire ID cards for the UDP supporters. Police interviewed Mrs. Faye and those who benefited from the Mayor’s ID Card project. The Mayor was never questioned. Mrs. Faye and co were released without any charges filed against them.

The Banjul Mayor, known for her dodgy schemes, included Mrs. Njie in her US delegation. The lady had in the past applied for a visa but was denied. With the election of the dubious Mayor, she thought that she could use her office to traffic people into the United States. She cannot deny that she assisted Mrs. Njie to secure a visa. Mrs. Njie hasn’t returned to The Gambia.

The European Union (EU) funds that were given to the council should also be investigated. She is yet to account for those funds.

The UDP supporters and the FANA FANA family went bananas on Pa Nderry Mbai, calling him all sorts of names. Some open Facebook lives to allow others to insult him.

Pa Nderry Mbia is a Journalist, in fact, one of the most effective and brave Gambian journalists. The only Journalist close to Pa Nderry Mbai is Pa Modou Bojang.

Rohey Malick Lowe – Banjul Mayoress

Gambia news media needs to do their due diligence and ask Rohey Malick lowe some tough questions. There is so much corruption in our country. We should not attack a journalist who is trying to uncover corruption. This is why we can not eradicate corruption. When others are trying to uncover corruption, others are fighting for the corrupted ones.

Rohey Malick Lowe is any other person working under the government. Any corruption allegations against her should be taken seriously. People should leave Pa Nderry Mbai to do his job.


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