GAMBIA: Gambian businessman who donated a car to his employee, detained after been accused of owing D19.2 million dalasis to an Indian businessman Nando!


He recently donated a car to one of his employees, but his Indian lender Nando said he is indebted to him. He says Ceesay owes him millions of dalasis. Mr. Alasan Ceesay is alleged to have owed Nando D19.2 million dalasis. The sum in question represents rice loan he allegedly took from the Indian millionaire. The rice consignment was delivered to Ceesay, but Ceesay hasn’t paid his supplier, according to the court complaint.

Ceesay, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Rahma Gambia Limited was supposed to be released on bail, but the two properties that he had tendered as surety, couldn’t meet his bail bond. His bail was said to have been revoked. He was subsequently taken into custody. He is currently held at the Banjul police station.

It has been gathered that lawyer Sheriff Tambadou is representing the Indian business company. The high profile case has been filed before the high court.

Ceesay’s detention has shocked his followers on social media. Ceesay’s PR team had confirmed his police detention.

Picasso Global Communication said: “I can confirm that our client has been detained by the police regarding private business transactions with his partners,” Fatu network reported.

“These things are not unusual in business. We are doing all we can to secure his immediate release. The situation is much more complicated than it simply meets the eyes. But whatever it is, Allāh is the best of planners. In shaa Allah we will emerge out of this stronger and continue to break down barriers and inspire Gambians to take charge,” the paper added.

Ceesay is said to be a former British soldier. He is now a businessman.

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