Gambia: Whistle blower maintains stand, demand investigation into Health Ministry’s illegal single sourcing contracts


Whistle blower maintains stand, demand investigation into Health Ministry’s illegal single sourcing contracts

Pa, thank you very much for exposing the corrupt officials at the Ministry of Health.  Their very reaction is an act of fear and anxiety. They know you have hit them below the belt. You will get more clarity on this matter from me soon because the whole ministry knew it was PS Jaiteh who called Mbaye Bahoum. I watched with disdain PS Jaiteh and his fellow crooks in their dramatic attempt to defend their illegal acts. Before going further, Can anyone who cares for the truth fail to notice foul play in the decision to single source two contracts to the same supplier in 2020, 2019 and 2018. What is so special about Mbye Bahoum  and his Atlas Trading if not  conspiracy to bribe officials to fleece state funds. Is he the only supplier in this country?

For someone who knows medicine and the entire malpractice at the Ministry, the biggest insult the contractor and PS Jaiteh gave is their misleading claim that some drugs are reused in the items covered in the contract. The reused items they are talking about, the value is less than D2 Million. But this bill is asking D23 million dalsis from the government for 4 months cover when in April the same supplier was single sourced to supply the same items for three months at just D5 Million. Why the sudden rise in his invoices? It is clear this time he is advised to raise fees to cater for PS Jaiteh and other corrupt officials to receive massive kickbacks at the expense of the taxpayer.

In any case, the right thing to do is for the authorities to open an investigation and they will discover millions that have been going into the pockets of PS Jaiteh, officials at the ministry of health as well as GPPA officials.

The level corruption at the ministry of Health is mind-boggling and the sad thing is the inability or willingness on the part of the authorities to investigate. Thank you for the very patriotic job Pa Nderry and The Freedom newspaper.


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It is imperative to note that both Mr. Mbaye Bahoum, the proprietor of the Atlas Trading Enterprise and Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Muhammed Lamin Jaiteh have denied any wrongdoing. Bahoum and Jaiteh said there was no kickback of any sort involved in the said procurement dialysis consumables contract that was awarded to Mr. Bahoum’s company, through single sourcing. Thanks for you kind attention.

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