If our president 57th ordinary session addresses of the Ecowas Heads of State is to ask for extension of the mandate of Ecomig forces in The Gambia. That is a clear message to our security forces that they not fit for purpose. How long will it take for security sector reform ? Are you kidding me…? If our men in uniform can appear in front of the TRRC and confess to their acts of killing,torture and disappearance of civilians that reform is a very easy task to execute… We don’t emerge from a post war Gambia.. We just emerged from a one man state of terror. We have to ask ourselves what is security sector reform? Is just to strengthen accountability, effectiveness, and respect for human rights and the rule of law. Demote all those  officers who are not academically qualified and prosecute anyone found wanting…

Good Governance in the Security Sector reform:-

  • Security forces are capable of delivering security professionally, at a reasonable cost, and in a way that helps to ensure the rule of law
  • Security is representative of the population as a whole. It is inclusive, adequately reflecting a country’s various communities
  • Security forces operate transparently providing information to the public
  • A country’s security objectives and policies are set out in a National Security Policy and its supporting documents that define the respective tasks and responsibilities of the various components of the security sector
  • Executive and civilian management authorities in charge of the security forces capable of giving them proper direction and management
  • Security forces are overseen by, and accountable to, democratically-constituted civilian authorities in charge of their activities
  • The security is accountable to a robust judicial and legal framework
  • Civil society and non-governmental with a role in monitoring the governance of the security are active and can operate independently
  • Domestic security are capable of smoothly interacting with one another
  • Domestic security are well integrated into regional and international security frameworks

Yankuba Dremmeh is a capable army chief .. If he’s been given the chance he can and will transform the army the best chief so far Gambia army ever had and there are more qualified officers in the GNA today than before but our president who surrounded himself with clueless advisers undermining the quality of The Gambia arm forces relying on rubbish ECOMIG… The Nigerian forces and the Senegalese in Gambia, what role are they playing they have their own problems which they can’t sort out in their own country you think their presence in the country will change anything.. Is not The Gambia army that brought change to The Gambia.. Is we the civilian who kicked the incumbent out with our vote and Yahya is a thing of a past. What is the role of The Gambia arm forces in the presence of ECOMIG? The amount of money The Gambia is spending on ECOMIG forces that can help our brothers and sisters in uniform. We have take responsibility for the security of our own the presence of the ECOMIG is an insult to our  integrity.

By Ndure 91

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