The looting of public funds at the Banjul City Council (BCC) continues to go unabated. The disgraced Mayor and her management partners in financial crimes wouldn’t heed to calls to spare the council’s meager funds. Millions of dalasis are being stolen through prearranged contract awarding schemes.  Interestingly and shockingly, council management staffers are using companies that they owned and registered through third parties (close friends, loved ones and neighbors to enable the looting). 

We reported few weeks ago about the Kebba and Sons Supply company, being operated by Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe through a third party. This is the company that the Mayor uses to solicit procurement supply contracts from the council. She is being aided by one of her close relatives Mam Lai Jasseh, a so-called consultant, she hired to oversee the council’s projects, particularly the EU one million Euro project.

The Mayor has so far raked millions of dalasis from the council through the supply of trashcan bins that her company had supplied to the council.

Just recently, her company was paid over D400,000 dalasis for supplying certain health safety products to the Sanatorium hospital (Wenchoi) in Banjul. The funds that were paid to her, came from the EU funds.

Meanwhile, Council is building a new abattoir at the Banjul market.  The abattoir contract was earlier awarded to a Senegalese national, but only for the contract to be taken from Senegalese man. The Senegalese man refused to give the corrupt BCC management members a kickback (a cut).

Unhappy with the contractor, the corrupt CEO Mustapha Batchilly and the Mayor decided to give the abattoir contract to one Katim Touray, the Director of Planning at the BCC. Mr. Touray is Batchilly’s right hand man. They are close buddies.

Another management member benefiting from the loot at the BCC is Sarjo Jammeh. Mr. Jammeh is the Council’s IT manager.

Council is paying him D700,000 dalasis weekly. His tractor trucks are being used to collect trash in Banjul, even though there are new council trucks currently parked (unused). The arrogant Mayor said the two trucks donated by the ports, would not be used until December, when she is expected to inaugurate the trucks. She prefers billing the council than using trucks owned by the council.

Back in 2019, the Mayor, and her adviser Makumba Sanneh facilitated the employment of 119 staff at the BCC. Some of them were never interviewed. They were just picked from the streets and asked to start work. They also lacked the necessary qualifications to work at the council.

Concerned by the council’s over staffing, the local government Ministry, wrote to council and requested that those who were employed as of February 2019, their salaries should be stopped. The Ministry also ordered for a hiring freeze.

CEO Batchilly refused to adhere to the Ministry’s advice. He kept paying salaries to the staff in question. He also continued hiring people. One of those hired was a former retiree. The retiree was posted at the Banjul market as a manager. He is a financial foot soldier for Batchilly, and the Mayor.

As we end this telling and disturbing piece, we have been informed about the millions that have been stolen at the Council’s Ice Plant in Banjul. A major fraud happened at the Ice Plant. Millions have gotten into the pockets of corrupt council officials.

“The funds generated from the sale of ice and what is being banked is totally different. The Ice Plant fraud was never investigated. Huge fraud happened there,” said one of our sources close to Mayor Rohey Lowe.

In the meantime, Makumba Sanneh, AKA Max, has finished building his new house. This was the kid, who spent his life time selling drugs in Bremen, Germany. He is an adviser to the Council.  What a joke!

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