The two Access Bank managers, who were recently arrested in Senegal after been accused of stealing D21 million dalasis from the bank have been charged, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Sarjo Corr and Momodou Juldeh Jallow have been slammed with the two count charges: Conspiracy and stealing by clerk or servant. The duos were supposed to appear in court on Thursday, but it was differed to Monday. They have been scheduled to appear before magistrate Sowe of the Barra magistrate court.

Corr and Jallow were alleged to have stolen D21 million dalasis from their employer Access Bank. Access Bank is privately owned Nigerian bank.

Police said upon the completion of their investigations, they found out that the accused persons couldn’t get away with the D21 million dalais as earlier reported. They allegedly stole seventeen million, twelve thousand and seven hundred and eighty-six dalasis (D17, 12000, 786).  A sum of about five million dalasis was deposited in bank accounts, Corr and Jallow had opened for their loved ones, and friends.  “They opened fake accounts for some people: The sum deposited in the said accounts was 4 million or D5 million there off. The money was never moved. It was left in the accounts,” Freedom Newspaper was reliably informed.

Corr and Jallow were hoping to use the fake accounts for survival while they were away from the country. Unluckily for them, they got busted. They were arrested in Senegal and brought back to Banjul. They are currently detained at the Banjul police station.

Lawyer Ebrima Kijera is the lawyer representing Momodou Juldeh Jallow. Sarjo Corr is yet to hire a lawyer, who would represent him in court.

The IGP is represented by Commissioner Abdoulie Sanneh, the Director of Prosecution at the police.

We will keep you posted with developments on the high profile bank theft case.

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