Please Barrow PORG – Nyang Njie Needs A Job!


Please Barrow PORG – Nyang Njie Needs A Job!

Nyang Njie Seeks Gun! 

Chei Pa! What is happening in Da Smiling Coast? Now even our peaceful, sombre, serene Professor of Economics Nyang Njie is driven to seeking a gun! Not even under the brutal Yahya Jammeh did Nyang Njie ever need a gun. What is going on? If things go on like this I will have to go to Cassamance during my next visit and buy myself one of those deadly Jola Bows and Arrows – the ones tipped with the poison that can kill in 10 seconds!

On the other hand, it could be that Nyang Njie is afflicted by serious idleness since President Barrow sacked him from the OIC. Nyang really needs his job back or he will go crazywith all his daily fights – the APRC’s Rambo Jatta, Banjulians, Chinese, Gambia Police, Gambia Navy, etc, etc.

Below some advice for Nyang from friends on his Facebook page.

Nyang Njie 

I have a question for my legal luminaries and law enforcement buddies. Can I legally register a 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol in the Gambia. I only need informed and authoritative answers pls

Dickson Mbn

It’s not just about registering it. Other factors to be considered include your ability to handle it with care and the rules of engagement. In Dakar, one is required to undergo some form of training before given a licence to carry a fire arm. 

Nyang Njie 

Hunting Rifles are supposed to be registered. Pistols may however fall under dangerous rifles not authorised for use by Civilians

Momodou Semega Janneh  Now that you have a number of answers what is the real reason of this post

Joseph Samuel Dalliah Nyang has grown at a provoked situation and therefore seems to need personal protection.

Mam Lai Jasseh Am not a legal luminary neither a law enforcement agent, but I have a question… Why would one want to acquire a firearm in our society? Guns don’t kill people…People kill people.

Baddi A Jaiteh

Daddy Njie for me I will advise you to distance yourself from guns our country is small, and if everyone has a gun how will this country look like?

The level of ignorance in the country is mind blowing, the guns could get into wrong hands what do you …

More at

PS: It is midnight here in UK – and still another hour to wait for King James and the Lakers … Sorry Nyang, I am bored waiting too!

Dida Halake,

Notting Hill, London, UK

Editors note: The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.

That said, it is imperative to note that Nyang Njie, was never sacked from the OIC. He resigned honorably from his job.   Thanks for your kind attention.


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