GAMBIA: BREAKING NEWS: Has General Saul Badjie Left Equatorial Guinea?


As we reported few days ago, the exiled former Gambian army General Sulayman Badjie, is on his way to Banjul. It appears that he has left Equatorial Guinea, or he is on the verge of leaving, per the latest information we gathered. Badjie wants to return to his native country, The Gambia, and face whatever legal consequences that would come his way.

Badjie was Jammeh’s closest aide. He left Banjul for Equatorial Guinea, in January of 2017. He was among Jammeh’s entourage that resettled in Equatorial Guinea.

According to sources reaching us, General Badjie, has expressed his willingness to appear before Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) to give evidence on some of the adverse testimonies that were made against him by his former colleagues, called the jungullars. The jungullars were dictator Jammeh’s assassin team. They claimed that it was General Badjie, who relayed orders he (Badjie) received from Jammeh to kill perceived political opponents. Badjie has denied any culpability.

General Sulayman Badjie joined The Gambian army with someone’s school certificate. His biological birthname is Karafa Bojang. He is a native of Bwiam.

Our sources in The Gambia said they will keep us posted on Badjie’s home return.

Badjie can only travel by land. He is on Interpol’s flight wanted list. It may take him couple of days by traveling by land from Equatorial Guinea to Banjul.

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