I have written an earlier statement on here (Facebook) regarding my sexist and misogynistic attitude but it was both minimizing, horrible and miss the mark for the harm I have done.

I have been a serial abuser to women and vulnerable femmes within The Third World People’s Alliance —an organization which I was the lead organizer for the Africa Division. I have initiated sexual and romantic relationships with women therein online and with the exclusion of one victim, my ex, I never met any woman of them in real life, all these women I have met online in the course of being a member and lead organizer for the organization.

After my behaviours were exposed I tried to write statements to absolve myself and to appear righteous. Sincere or not they were way of the mark and didn’t account for the harm that was done. If these were not exposed I wouldn’t have ever made a public statement in the very first place.

I initiated these relationships and tried to gain sexual and financial favours by manipulation through those relationships. In the course of these encounters I crossed boundaries in saying and doing explicit sexual things for which I got no consent for.  I lied by omission by not revealing past relationships with other members whiles I was talking to another one.

I also extracted financial favours at approximately $5000 from individual members and others comrades at Red Voice where I publish my works. The chunk of this from my ex (who is part of the organization as I write this) whiles we lived together and interacted from a distance. This was before being a part of this organization. I took approximately $800 from the organization also that was never accounted for by me.

I attempted to stop one of the victims from reporting back to the organization after I crossed boundaries with her. This is a form of manipulation to run from accountability.

I know that I have harmed the organization greatly, in that I have alienated many members and most importantly I was doing fed work in that I was recklessly doing things that can be easily used by the state to destroy the organization. This type of behaviour is what wreck movements and become a tool for easy infiltration. I apologize for my destructive and adventurist behaviour to the leadership and membership.

As a side note but an important one: after I posted my first public apology – which was horrible- the Revolutionary Marginalized Gender’s Union of the TWPA, through attempts to hold me accountable and to acknowledge the harm I have caused told me clearly that was not a good statement. Credit goes to them for this statement today and not me.

I deeply apologize for these destructive behaviours to the victims and all other people who might have gone through this with me. This is a public apology and I hold my self accountable and acknowledge the harm done to vulnerable women and femmes.

I am here making a promise and an absolute one too. I will re-educate and rehabilitate myself Because some of these actions I have done thinking nothing or very little of it —this is not said as an excuse but as a genuine attempt at explaining how much I need to re-educate myself. I will go back to radical black and brown feminist works to study and most of all to incorporate in my life and practice. I have been sent a reading list by the RMGU which I will study diligently and in the end write a resource for cishet men on abuse and accountability.


Alieu Bah.

Source: Alieu Bah’s Facebook page

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