Andrew Dacosta, RiP


Andrew Dacosta, RiP. 

Editor Mbai,

Talking on the phone to The Gambia today, I was informed that the Daily Observer’s former Deputy Managing Director, Andrew Dacosta has passed on.

Andrew was a superb gentleman and a supportive colleague at the Daily Observer during my time there between 2001 and 2008, first as a columnist and then briefly as Managing Director.

Andrew was always calm and level headed and kept the Daily Observer afloat as each crazy Managing Director came and went. I liked him very, very much, even to the extent of handing him thousands of my own dalasis and asking him to take my then 11-year old son to Banjul shopping. They also bought this beautiful suit the young master wore at his birthday party.

Andrew was always smiling – I once caught him browsing the pages of the Freedomnewspaper in the Daily Observer offices and he explained that Dr. Taal had banned the reading of the Freedomnewspaper. I told him to announce that reading the Freedomnewspapers is henceforth unbanned … and we together drafted a Final Warning Letter to the NiA Kujabi guy working in the store with Small I think. Andrew thought that was funny – and said the Warning Letter would be taken to State House because there was another Kujabi working there. It was taken there but no one said a word to Andrew or me. (I think Andrew thought it was CRAZY funny!)

Another time this Lebanese trader messed about with the photocopier and I went to the Shyben Madi offices – and walked out angry when they gave us some BS. This one was audio recorded! The Observer Chairman I left behind at the meeting came back with an offer of 10,000 dalasis!

“Go and tell Shyben Madi I want 100,000”, I said to the Chairman.

Andrew’s best laugh ever was when I gave him a cheque for 100,000 to bank for the Daily Observer two days later.

Of course, Andrew loved his Manchester United too.

May his soul rest in peace. He was a good man.

Dida Halake,

Notting Hill, UK.

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