Prof. Nyang Njie & His “Desiderata” Intellectual Deceit!


Prof. Nyang Njie & His “Desiderata” Intellectual Deceit!

Only in The Gambia would a trouble-some individual like Nyang Njie, involved in two police cases in the last month involving threats and violence, quote Desiderata so blatantly. It is like the Devil himself quoting the Bible.

Is it because of what Nyang calls his society’s “ignorance” that he takes such liberties? Maybe he assumes that not many in his society understand Desiderata! Or he takes liberties because Gambians are too polite to correct him?

Desiderata advices one to “Go placidly, amidst the haste and the noise, and know what peace there is in silence“.

Nyang Njie’s character is the complete opposite of that! He goes around disturbing everyone and everything he sees and takes pleasure in it – for he sees it as his privileged birth-right to kick his “ignorant” society up the ass. He curses the people of his city and finds himself chased down the streets and has to run to the police for safety. He wants to buy a gun to kill – dogs or people he calls dogs. He sails on the River Gambia and has a shouting match with members of the Gambian Navy! The examples of his lack of peacefulness and placidity are endless. Nyang Njie is a walking nuisance-machine!

Desiderata also advices that we “listen to the dull and the ignorant … for they too have their story“.

Nyang Njie is known in The Gambia for thinking that no one has a better brain than his and he certainly has no time for those in his society who suffer from the cancer of “social deficit and ignorance – his words. Everyone, from the President down to the Police Chief and his officers suffer from this “social deficit and ignorance” according to Nyang Njie.

Nyang Njie is certainly entitled to his opinions and behaviours – but he is certainly not entitled to use Desiderata in such a blatantly dishonest manner! His hypocrisy in even mentioning Desiderata stinks to high heaven – and reeks ofunadulterated intellectual deceit. I am a teacher, so I take offence at such a blatant misuse of a great piece of intellectual work (almost poetic in its lucidity) like Desiderata.

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, London, UK.

(PS Nyang Njie: I did not need to look upDesiderata – I have known it by heart since I was a school boy in Nairobi).

Editor’s note:  The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.  Thanks for your kind attention.

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