The Deputy Director’s office was swept by the thieves. The GRA safe, said to be containing an unspecified amount of money, TV set, desktop computer, laptops and other valuables were stolen during that late-night break-in burglary.

The incident happened this past Thursday, and yet the Barrow government is behaving as if life is normal. No one is talking about the millions of taxpayers’ funds that have been stolen at the GRA. A sad state of affairs. This is a country, where its people are living in blackout.

At the GRA level, the theft case is being treated as a private affair. The institution is trying to treat the issue as a secret. They do not want taxpayers to know what is going on.

Deputy DG Essa Jallow’s office was among the offices that have been broken into by the thieves. Jallow and his boss Yankuba Darboe are not talking. They are both quiet.

Any responsible government would have launched an appeal for the suspects to be tracked down and arrested to face the full brunt of the law. That is not happening.

We are not sure if President Adama Barrow has been briefed about the incident. We will be surprised if he is aware of what had happened at the GRA. Perhaps, he got to know about the incident, following the Freedom Newspaper publication.

During the course of our investigations, we contacted some top echelon of the police, and to our dismay, they told us that they were not aware of the incident. This was hard to believe though.

How can such a high-profile theft case happened near their own backyard without them knowing? That’s unbelievable.

The GRA head office is located behind the police headquarters.  It is less than 100 meters from the police.

There is a national security threat here. If thieves can intrude into a guarded GRA office without been arrested, what will stop them from breaking into the State House one day? The proximity between the GRA office in Wellington street and number one Marina Parade (State House) is not far.

The suspects behind the burglary should be pursued and brought to book.

In the meantime, the GRA management should be treated as suspects until any arrests are made.

Under Barrow’s rule, thievery of public funds has been prevalent. Unless the government takes the necessary decisive steps to hold public servants accountable, such a menace would go unabated.

The motive behind the incident is unclear. It is not clear if the thieves are raising funds through illegal means to destabilize the country. It is also not clear if it is politically motivated.

It could as well be an inside job. The police should thoroughly get to the bottom of this case.

The security reform that they have been talking about is a hoax. If the government cannot protect its own Tax agency (GRA), how on earth can they protect their impoverished ordinary citizens?

We should pray for The Gambia. Things doesn’t look good for this country.

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