There is a special camp in President Barrow’s cabinet, who have seemingly given up their hope towards the possible reelection of The Gambian leader in future elections, WE HAVE BEEN TOLD. This secretive group, according to sources, are playing it safe while serving the administration. They are not convinced that President Barrow can run the country, talk less of being electable post transition rule.

“One of the Ministers said he has given up in Barrow’s rule. That he is not convinced that Barrow can steer the affairs of this country. The Minister told a family member that he has given up on Barrow. He is a hopeless Minister. He said he and his colleagues are part of a stagnant system without a functional leader,” a source has intimated.


President Barrow came to power in December of 2016. Since his fallout with his former UDP colleagues, he has been surrounded by former Jammeh enabler.

“One of the Ministers, who has been talking about Barrow’s inability to rule The Gambia is a former employee of dictator Jammeh’s government. He has jumped from Barrow’s ship. He is just there earning a salary, but he has given up. He has started talking. He is going to throw Barrow under the bus, as soon as he suspects that the end is near,” another source revealed.

According to administration sources, President Barrow has good intentions for the country, but unfortunately, he is surrounded by cabinet colleagues, who had over the years live the life of sycophancy and enabling dictator Jammeh.

“Some of them had no respect for Barrow. This is evident on their public statements. They are not working towards the survival of the administration. They perceived Barrow as novice, and uneducated leader. Occasionally, they will pretend to be with Barrow, but they are part of the secret cabinet not supporting his political agenda. Sadly, Barrow’s advisers are poorly educated. They are not the match of the secret cabinet opposition. It would be a matter of time before Barrow would realize that he is wrong with treacherous and mischievous people,” this medium was told.

Some officials interviewed said the advent of the COVID-19, has paralyzed the administration.

“Some officials hardly report to work, if they do, they wouldn’t stay long at work. There is also increasing theft in government. Procurement units have been over billing  the government, and there is no accountability,” said an insider.

The country has now been reduced as a dysfunctional nation. Almost all government activities have been halted because of COVID-19. Agencies were COVID funds are available are operational, the rest are virtually on break.

The Independent Electoral Commission IEC was supposed to organize by-elections in Niamina West, and other wards across the country, but the Commission said it is waiting on the government to give them some form of clearance to organize the polls. Nothing is working in The Gambia.

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