National Youth Service To Be Compulsory For University Students

Gambia’s Adama Barrow announced Thursday that a National Youth Service will be made compulsory for university students as he delivered his 2020 state of the nation address (SoNA).
“My government attaches special importance to the Youth and Sports sector. In this regard, the validated Youth Policy (2019-2028) will soon guide the development programmes for Gambian youths,” the Gambian leader told lawmakers in a speech that laid bare gov’t policies for the coming years.
This year’s State of the Nation Address was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to affect everything happening in people’s daily lives. Barrow seized the occasion to emphasize the important role youths play in the country’s développement process.
Barrow said the initiative targeting fresh university graduates will kick-off this year as implementation plans are in high gear.
In the country’s blueprint for development, Gambia gov’t expressed its commitment to “leave no youth behind” while recognizing that “youths are the engines of growth and are essential pillars for any development.”
President Barrow went further to reiterate his to youth, adding that Government has approved the Youth and Sports Development Levy to generate a responsive development roadmap linked to the NDP (2018-2021).
As the tiny West African nation is edging towards an election year filled with challenges, many people have high expectations that Gambian youths will be instrumental in the battles for a better future…
Written by Abdoulie John
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