With the recent heated debate over the Draft Constitution of The Gambia at the National Assembly, I am shocked and worried with the deliberation of our very own National Assembly Member for Latrikunda Sabiji Constituency Hon. Saikou Marong over his argument that he will not support a retroactive law that threatens to condemn President Barrow to only one term.

I am disappointed that we have elected a NAM that is championing the interest of an individual over national interest. There is no Constitution in the whole world that has met the aspiration of everybody but as a living national document is always subjected to amendments whenever the need arises. Hon. Marong’s argument exposes the lack of good leaders in the (NPP) as this is a clear indication that besides Barrow there is no one fit to take the mantle of leadership in NPP. This shows the (NPP) days are counted and very near to sudden death

I am fear of the future of this country if we continue to produce NAMS like Saikou Marong and advisers like Dou Sanno who are only ready to serve the interest of an individual. The national Assembly is not a campaign ground for Barrow but a national house where the future of the country is being shaped.

The Constitution is not perfect likewise other Constitution and I was expecting a more inclusive arguments from our NAM for the general interest of the public on the following: Here are (11) sections for arguments:

1. 15(1) On citizenship: he should have argued that everyone born shall have the right to citizenship in the Gambia to reduce the number of stateless

2. 110(2) The President to have the power to appoint and dismiss monster without being subjected to confirmation to the National Assembly, this will reduce the influential force of the majority party over the decision of the president, and will reduce corruption of our (NAMS).

3. 195(1) why the judges of a superior court should be paid a pension equal to his/her salary from which he or she retired and not other public and civil servant

4. 93(g) the number of years experience to be reduce from 12yrs to 5yrs to give chance to the younger generation

5. 109(3) a retired president to pay tax like any other citizens.

6. 149(3) The leader of the Minority at the National Assembly to come from the opposing party.

7. 203 the Diaspora to become the right region with representative at the level of the National Assembly.

8. All foreign companies to have minimum 15% local ownership.

9. Youth representation
10. Free education ( Gambia College)
11. Tink Tank revival etc.

These are relevant argument that I expected him to make deliberations on.

The people of Latrikunda Sabiji Constituency entrusted you with their votes and we expected you to be fit in body and mind guided by your conscience to do what is right for this country. The time is right now and you have cleared choice to choose from.

For brotherly advise, I implore you to make a choice you can live with.

Thank you.
Ebrima Nyang
(GDC NAM Candidate L/K Constituency 2017 and GDC Assistant Administrative Secretary).

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