Gambian MPS will make a vote today Monday to approve or reject the country’s new draft constitution. A three quarter vote is needed to approve the constitution for a referendum.
There is growing skepticism that the new law would be passed. MPS loyal to President Barrow are in total opposition to the draft constitution. They said the new proposed law has been tailored to include President Barrow’s current five years mandate in the proposed two limit for the Presidency.

The draft constitution has stipulated a two term limit for the Presidency. It would come into effect as of January 2017 if approved.

MPs who are on Barrow’s side said the new proposed law is out to undercut President Barrow’s five year mandate, as the new law would  operate retroactively.  This hasn’t gone down well with some MPs.

The political fallout between Barrow and Ousainou Darboe, the leader of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) has caused bad blood between Barrow’s camp and Darboe’s camp in Parliament.


Barrow was a former official of the UDP. He resigned from the party to lead an opposition merger, which led to his ascension to power.

Barrow came to power in December of 2016 after defeating dictator Yahya Jammeh in a controversial election.  Jammeh left Banjul in January of 2017 to resettle in Equatorial Guinea. The intervention of the sub regional force ECOMIG forced him to relinquish power.

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