Gambians launched a campaign on reducing maternal mortality


Gambians have launched a campaign on social media calling for an end or the reduction of maternal mortality in the West African country. This followed a recent surge on maternal mortality, with many pregnant women dying during delivery. The campaign self-styled as “Women lives matter” has went viral on social media. Opponents and supporters of Barrow’s rule are part of the campaign.

The Gambian First Lady Fatoumatta Bah Barrow said in a Facebook posting: “No woman should die giving life. Pregnancy and childbirth are special occasions that bring happiness in a family marking a new beginning, however, they continue to be connected with unfortunate deaths and sorrow in many countries, including our own. Reproductive healthcare and information need to be made an urgent priority by all stakeholders so as to make motherhood safer in our country #Gambia, especially when access to health care is a right, a women’s right.”

“We will endeavor to engage with the relevant #stakeholders to find means to look into the concerns raised about maternal deaths and maternal health as a whole. This is a cause that is close to my heart and which I am passionate about, and one that I have also been involved in and have my personal experience.

I thank all those that have raised concerns and equally thank the health workers that put a lot of effort and sacrifice. We look forward to a collective collaboration to meaningfully contribute towards the reduction of #maternal mortality in The Gambia,” she added.

Gambia’s Health sector is said to be poorly equipped. One of the ladies who died, had left twin babies behind. She was alleged to have been neglected at the government main hospital in Banjul, which resulted to her unfortunate death.

Feminists and gender activists have been mounting pressure on the government to improve the country’s health sector. They also want to see a reduction on maternal and infant mortality in the country.

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