MC Cham on Gambia’s Sovereignty as a State


The Gambia is a “sovereign state” but part of the global governance as we belong to international conventions and have signed to their charters for political, economic and security cooperation to respond to problems that affects more than one state or region. The UN, AU, ECOWAS are key supranational institutions that funds our government and ensure compliance to the Democratic principles.
These transnational Actors In the “global village” set the agendas, influence policies , ensure implementation and enforcement, monitor and adjudicate. Thus the TRRC, ECOMIG and CRC to name a few.Their primary objective is “World Order”.
Sustainable Development Goals are set and mostly funded by these actors to ensure peace in humanity.As no nation is self-sufficient, the reciprocity of their interventions is to adhere to international best practices of peace and stability under democratic principles.
We need to be more independent by taking ownership to be in a position for less interference. Until them their funding will give them all rights to interfere and influence in our National governance.

Mc Cham Jnr

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