Reminder to the US, UK and EU Representatives in the Gambia


Reminder to the US, UK and EU Representatives in the Gambia.


Every time Africans try to forget slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism, you always find the means to remind us of the dark part of our historical relationships.

Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you who prefer to wake the demons that, we try very hard in our hearts and minds to pardon you.

Would you accept even the most developed country in Africa to interfere in your local politics and constitutions? Would you in this 21st century accept for an African Organization such as the African Unity to issue a statement in interference of your politics and constitutions in the US, UK and EU? Why are you doing the same when you know very well you will NEVER accept such interference from an African country or organization? Is this not a provocation of the highest order?

You made a very serious insult of our conscience and dignity in thinking that you know better what is best for us. By issuing such a statement denotes your inferiority complex on us Africans and Gambians in particular.

How if we remind you of the atrocities, mutilations and killings that your ancestors did to our ancestors, slavery, forced labor, colonialism and neo-colonialism that you want to extend to our present generations would you like it?

Gentlemen the wounds in our hearts and minds will NEVER heal as long as you do not respect our independence and refrain from actions that remind us of the past. Shame on those that want to never apologize publicly coming to Africa uninvited and found a peaceful and welcoming people who nonetheless welcomed you and you abused our hospitality and transformed the welcome into a hell broke loose and engaged in fights, wars, enslavement, mass forced labor in US and colonialism in Africa. Shame on such strangers who revealed their true evil and cowboy nature and hatred to a welcoming and peaceful people with clean hearts and minds.

Unless you retract your statement and apologize I will continue to expose your neo-colonial intentions and hidden agenda indeed. We have a lot to tell on you in Africa in general and Black people in particular.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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