I just finished watching President Donald Trump’s virtual speech addressing the ongoing 75th United Nations General Assembly in New York. And whereas I often disagree with the American President’s foreign policies especially his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord and his government’s efforts to defund the World Health Organization, I nevertheless support his demand for the UN to hold China accountable for the universal calamity caused by the corona-virus pandemic.

Regardless of his earlier flip-flopping or down playing of the deadliness and contagiousness of the virus, until the emerged-typical of all politicians-I 100% believe China’s initial approach to keep the outbreak secret contributed immensely in spreading the disease all over the world.

Moreover, we still don’t know where exactly in China the virus originated from considering what the Chinese want us to believe as stemming from Bats from the Wuhan caves and what many cynics believe was a weaponized Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome  (SARS) virus they were “studying” that accidentally or incidentally escaped from their military laboratories.

Obviously, the Chinese are still not transparent about the situation and refused to entertain independent scientists into their country to conduct a credible investigation over the virus.

In fact, in my view, nothing can guarantee the world that another coronavirus will not sooner or later reemerge from the communist country and perhaps wipe out Homo sapiens from the face of the earth. The SARS coronavirus originated from China in 2003 but was luckily controlled after spreading to Vietnam with 8000 infections and 800 deaths registered. So there is no reason not to expect another deadly or deadlier coronavirus hitting humankind again from China.

When it comes to protecting their government and economic interest, we all know how destructive the Chinese are to the ecosystem, polluting the atmosphere and the seas but above all rapidly depleting Africa’s forests now at an alarming rate.

Speaking as an African and Gambian, I have in the past called out our leaders to explore a comprehensive economic survey of the human and material destruction caused by the Chinese-virus and send the bill to Beijing for reparation.

Talking to a very smart lawyer the other day, the gentlemen explained how the Chinese communist party but not the government could be sued at the international courts and a reparation case made out of that.

African leaders coming together with a common stand on this battle can end up cancelling all bad debts owed to these inhumane Chinese still convinced that they can create a heaven of their own on earth, while the rest of the world perish in hell. Everything they say about cooperating with the rest of the world to reverse the devastating effects of climate change is mere lip service.

Hence, I stand firmly with President Donald Trump on this one to the bitter end. Although I have my doubts over whether our  African leaders will ever have the courage or nerve to challenge the communist regime.

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