DA Jawo now a “propagandist” like Halake?!


DA Jawo now a “propagandist” like Halake?! 

Writing today on his Facebook with regard to the demise of The Gambia’s Draft Constitution, my old friend and nemesis, the venerable journalist Demba A Jawo writes as follows:-

“The battle lines have now been clearly drawnbetween supporters of President Adama Barrow … and indeed the whole country, after the Draft 2020 Constitution Bill was defeated…”

With great respect to DA Jawo, this analysis is not correct!

  1. The “battle lines” are purely within the split UDP – between the Darboe Camp of the UDP, and the Barrow Camp of the UDP now called the NPP;
  2. The Gambian Christian Community as a whole object to the absence of “secular Republic” and the presence of “Sharia” in the Draft Constitution and would have voted against the Draft Constitution;
  3. The Draft Constitution has not been put to the “the whole country” to vote on! Unless DA Jawo is assuming that the CRC’s opinion represents the “whole country” (in which case there would be no need for a Referendum!) the is no basis for deciding whether “the whole” country is happy or sad at the demise of the Draft Constitution.

DA Jawo then goes on to say this:

“There appears to be few options now open to the government; either stay put with the 1997 Constitution, review and amend some of its sections (which was initially proposed by Halifa Sallah but rejected by the government) …”

History then proves Halifa Sallah to have been right in 2017, but DA Jawo is wrong in his analysis because of what DA Jawo does not say:-

  1. When Halifa Salah made his proposal,Lawyer Darboe was the de-facto President …
  2. It was Lawyer Darboe and Attorney General Tambadou who rejected Halifa’s proposal and established the Constitutional Review Commission.
  3. The “Accidental President” Barrow (or“the government” today) had very littleto do with the establishment of the CRC and all the other Commissions because it was the two lawyers, UDP Leader Darboe and Attorney General Tambadou who ran the show.

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, London.


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