The Gambian state has charged three senior police officers after been accused of extorting two million dalasis (D2million) and 2 kilogram of cocaine from drug suspects, Freedom Newspaper can report. Samba Sowe, station officer of the Wellingara police station, his assistant Nuha Camara, and detective Gibril Jammeh have been charged and released on bail. The high-profile case is pending at the Budung High Court.

The police spokesman Superintendent Lamin Njie has confirmed the story. “The case is currently under trials at the Bundung magistrates court. Kind regards,” Njie said in a Whatsapp response to our journalistic query.

Njie wouldn’t comment further on the nature of the charges proffered against the accused officers.

In a subsequent message Spokesman Njie said: “Yes the Officers were charged along with the civilians.. for case file details let me check with the Prosecutors tomorrow insha Allah.”.

A highly placed source said the charged officers are standing trial at the Bundung High Court and not the magistrate court as implied by the police spokesman. Our source also said the case in question is being handled by Justice Ministry, and not the police.

“The prosecution of this case is being handled by the state. The accused persons: Samba Sowe, Nuha Camara and Gibril Jammeh were have been charged and granted bail. They have made their first court appearance at the Bundung magistrate court. Details of this case are sketchy, few people are aware of this high-profile case,” said our source.

The three charged Wellingara officers have been indicted. They have been suspended from the force, pending the determination of their criminal case.

Station Officer Samba Sowe was alleged to have given the other officers at the station each 40K. A dispute later occurred among the officers over the shared money. It leaked.

The charged Detective officer Gibiril Jammeh was a former prison officer. He was transferred to the police during Jammeh’s rule. He used to work at the police Criminal Intelligence Unit (CIU). He was later transferred to the Wellingara station, where he worked as an Assistant Station Officer, until his recent indictment.

The Wellingara police drug case happened in April. The alleged corrupt officers are now having their day in court.

Below is an incident report, we received from a reliable source:


Incident Report!

Banta Sosseh together with one Senegalese, two Guinea  Bissau nationals were raided at a residence in Willingara West Coast Region by Officers of Willingara Police Station. During the raid, the police found on the suspects two million Dalasis in cash and 2kg of cocaine. The suspects were brought to Willingara police station for processing, unfortunately that was not done.

After few hours Banta Sosseh wanted to get some food for dinner, and he was allowed by the officers in charge to get some food. Banta didn’t return for few hours and the his partners in crime were released without been processed.

The Senegalese guy called Banta Sosseh on his phone to protest why he left them at the police station? Banta responded that he was out to get some food and he is returning to the station, he indeed did as he promised.

Upon his return to the station he didn’t find his partners, 2kg Cocaine and two million Dalasis at the police station. He protested at the station that he owned the money because he was buying the cocaine.
He was never detained or processed, became frustrated he reported the matter to the police headquarters.

Station Officer Samba Sowe was in charge!
Officer Bala Grey has left the country.

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