NYC’s Ousman Fatty :”Give Gambian Youths More Support”


The Gambia government is being urged by the National Youth Council (NYC) Chairman, Ousman Fatty, to provide the youths with more opportunities as they are ready to excel when the stage is set for them.

Speaking during last Monday’s virtual event, commemorating the International Day of Peace, Fatty appealed to Gambia gov’t to give support to the young people, and to invest more in the youths.

For more and more young Gambians, chasing their dreams in the Europe citadel is no longer a viable option. Building a better future in the country is possible if gov’t spares no efforts to fulfill its developmental pledges.

Organised in partnership with the Office of the President Directorate of Strategic Policy and Delivery and United Nations system, the Zoom meeting provided a platform for NYC to highlight the challenges facing young people.

“Believe me, Gambian youths got talent,” he remarked while reiterating that more opportunities and support are needed for the youths to set off towards successful endeavours.

TANGO Chairman , John Charles Njie, who took part in the event, said it is high time that young people the respect they deserve.

Njie added that youths should be allowed to express their opinion, desires rather than imposing what we (adults) feel is good for them.

The head of the civil society deplored that views expressed by young people are often dismissed due to ‘lack of experience’.

“Let’s give the young space. Let’s not impose our opinion on them.”

Written by Abdoulie John

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