President Barrow and his entourage have been attacked by wild bees in Kerewan, this medium has gathered. Over 30 members of the delegation have been hospitalized because of the bee attacks. The President was rushed to Farafenni to save him from the bee attack.

The bee attack story has been circulating on social media. The government hasn’t commented on the story yet.

Efforts to reach Amie Bojang Sissoho, Director of Press for comment without success. Senior Information Officer Bubacarr Prince Sankanu said he was not part of the delegation.  He couldn’t confirm the story. He promised to get back to us later with details.

The police spokesman Superintendent Lamin Njie was also contacted but his line was off. Phone call was placed on IGP Jobe’s line, but he too, could not be reached.

In another development, we just got hold of Amie Bojang Sissoho, the Director of Press.

The Director of Press at the President’s Office Amie Bojang Sissoho has confirmed the bee attack, which occurred in Kerrewan, while President Barrow was there to inaugurate projects in that region of The Gambia. She said she and the President were in the residence when the incident happened.  She says the President is safe and well.

Speaking to the Freedom Newspaper in a phone interview late Saturday evening, Mrs. Sissoho said, some people have been hospitalized because of the bee attack. She couldn’t tell us as to how many people were hospitalized.

When asked asked about the President’s whereabouts, she said: “The President is here going home. We just crossed from Barra and we are going home. ”

She then asked this reporter, if he could hear the President’s motorcade silence on the background.

She has denied that the President was rushed to Farafenni to save his life.

She ran into laughter when asked whether it was true that President Barrow was rushed to Farafenni, when the bees attacked his entourage.

“Ha, ha. That is not true. You can hear the silent just around the State House,” she said.

Mrs. Sissoho said she was not present when the bees attacked the entourage. She couldn’t give a firsthand account about what transpired.

“Really I cannot tell because I was not there when it happened, so it was after that when I was asking about somebody and they said the person was taken to the Farafenni because the bees attacked them. We were in the residence. This happened outside the residence,” she told me.

Further asked whether there was any reason for the public to be alarmed or worried, in response she said: ” No I don’t think so, because actually, honestly, as far as I know almost everybody is gone now, we just crossed and others are waiting to cross.  I have to go now because we are going inside.”

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