A Brikama woman, who is helping the police to investigate the “mysterious” death of her late husband, has traveled to the United States.  Jarai Ceesay is the widow wife of the late Foday Bah, of Brikama Jamisa. Her 80 year old late husband Foday Bah was found dead in a well at their home.  The incident happened a day after the celebration of the Muslim feast Tobaski. She has traveled to the States without the knowledge of The Gambian police, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Even though Foday’s death was initially treated as a suspected suicide, that never stopped the police from summoning his  widow wife and the kids for questioning.

While the police investigation into the old man’s death is pending, his ex-wife Jarai Ceesay has reportedly left the country for the United States. She was allowed to leave Banjul despite, the pending investigations into the death case of her late husband.

She was never charged. But sources said she should have waited until the police cleared her to leave the country.

Ms. Ceesay is said to be seeking medical treatment in the United States. She has a brother living in the United States.

The relationship between the couple wasn’t cordial, according to sources.

“There is a report that there was a problem between them until the man had to leave the compound. Elders came to settle the problem and the old man returned home. That was two weeks before Tobaski. After Tobaski he was dead. Neighbors and nearly all those who knew the old man did not believe it was suicide,” said one of our sources.

Many couldn’t believe that the old man would jump into the well and kill himself. They have ruled out the issue of suicide.

“The son Musa Bah said he got up at 4AM that night and went out of his house to smoke then he saw his father’s walking stick near the well. He said he then took the stick inside his house. In the morning, his mother went to greet the old man, but he was not in the house even though his phone was. The son Musa then told his mother that last night he found his father’s walking stick near the well. Then the woman went to look inside the well and she found her husband inside the well. Fire service was called to remove him. He was already dead,” our source added.

The old man, said our source, has a son living in overseas. According to what I am told, our source continued, this guy does not believe his father committed suicide.

“The question is did he jump into the well or was he killed and dumped inside the well? Why is the woman in such a haste to leave the Gambia less than two months after this tragic death? Why would an old man of more than 80 years kill himself? What information did the police gather from the case? Are the police aware she has already left the country?” our source curiously asked.

Efforts to reach the police spokesman Superintendent Lamin Njie proved futile. The police command in Brikama, could also not be reached for comment.

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