Lakers v. Heat: Show Time in Da Bubble!


Lakers v. Heat: Show Time in Da Bubble! 

Oh boy, finally Pa Mbai, we have the NBA 2020 title match-up. It is Da King LeBron James (aka Muhammad Ali) versus Da Young Pretender Jimmy Butler (it would be unfair to call likeable Jimmy ‘Sonny Liston’!).

Then there is “the generational talent” Anthony Davis next to Lebron; and standing next to Jimmy Butler is the African Super Star Adebayo who appeared from nowhere in the course of this year.

So far Pa, so good – the King and AD are better, much better than Jimmy and Adebayo. Things get trickier for our money when we consider the rest of the two teams.

Heat’s 3-point shooters are much better than Lakers … where on earth did that mercurial 20-year old rookie Tyler Herro turn up from?!

Luckily, Da King has the muscle-power on his side, including the new-born Dwight Howard with his last chance to win a ring before he retires – he was superb in the last two games.

Dwight, AD and Lebron literally shut-down the Nugget’s attack in the last two games (poor talented Jamal Murray!). Hopefully they will be able to shut-down Butler, Adebayo and Herro … and win AD’s and Dwight’s 1st title, Da King’s 4th.

So “Shut-Them-Down” will be the Lakers game plan. But it is gonna be brutal … the mouth waters!

Happy anticipation of Game 1.

Dida Jallow-Halake.

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