Minister Of Information Can You Please Stop The Misinformation and Deception. Gambians Are Smarter Than You Think!


Minister Of Information Can You Please Stop The Misinformation and Deception. Gambians Are Smarter Than You Think!

World Bank does not award contracts or select bidders for Government Institutions. That is the role of the fund recipients.

Can someone tell Honorable Ebrima Sillah that if he does not know how the World Bank operates, let him go and seek help or clarification from those who know better before going on public radio misleading listeners? The TBEA, a Chinese electromechanical manufacturer, is the most likely winner for the NAWEC transmission infrastructure project worth over one billion dalasi. This is the company in the middle of the D 35 million transfer scandal made to FABB Foundation. The multi-million dollars Gambia Electricity Restoration and Modernisation Project (GERMP) is one of many projects jointly funded by the EIB and the World Bank. NAWEC is responsible for the implementation, procurement and administration of the project. It is against the Bank’s operational policies and guidelines to award contracts from funds given to countries or public institutions.

It is no surprise that World’s top financial institution operates with the highest operational standards. Strict adherence to its procurement policies and guidelines are written on all of its funding documents. It is against the Bank’s policy to providefunds to developing countries and then participate in the awarding of contracts or approving payments from funds given to governments. What the bank usually does is to review tender awards in terms of whether procedures have been met, guidelines followed, and in extenuating circumstances, to check for suppliers who have been blacklisted for violating the Bank’s procedures in the past. Governments or public institutions like NAWEC must have the required operational structures and meet the Bank’s standards in order to manage WB funds.

NAWEC has an Awards Committee that looks into procurement processes, bid processes, and check for compliance with GPPA rules before the preparation of the committee’s recommendations for award of contracts. Depending on the amount involved, bids can be approved by a sub-committee of the board or the MD based on the recommendations from the committee and having exhausted all necessary procurement practices based on World Bank guidelines.

The Bank’s role is to issue a ‘no objection’ if there are no violations of rules and procurement procedures. It is disingenuous for the minister say that this government has nothing to do with the awarding of the contract to TBEA, which is at variance with the facts on the ground. The Minister of Energy has his email written on all the bidding requestsadvertisements from NAWEC. Unless the Email: [email protected] written on all of NAWEC’s announcements in the papers does not belong to the energy boss, Mr. Fafa Sanyang , why is it bidders are asked to send copies of their tender documents to the above email?

If it is true that the energy minister is masquerading his identity using official email on the public utility’s platform to have a bird’s eye view on all multi-million dollar project in NAWEC,then we are not the least surprised that the TBEA has been awarded the contract on a quid pro quo basis which must be condemned. Minister’s Sillah’s deceptive statement on West Coast Radio’s morning Coffee Time show is misleading aimed at misinforming listeners on matters of immense public interest. He doesn’t need to be reminded that one of the basic tenets of integrity in public service is to tell the truth. Manufacturing lies, half-truths or innuendos are signs of incompetence and desperation.

It is not the duty of the World Bank to tell governments which company to award or not, that is the prerogative of the donorrecipient. The Energy Ministers email appearing on all of NAWEC’S Bid Requests tied this government to the Chinese company award of the contract. Graft in the public service is now becoming a way of life in this country. That is why it is our God-given right to follow any grant money given to Gambians for our development objectives.

 A Concerned Gambian

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