Some Gambian illegal immigrants have been lined up to be deported from Germany, Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  Unless  their flight itinerary is not changed, the Gambian illegals have been scheduled to be deported on Monday.  The migrants have been held in German detention facilities.  They are awaiting to be deported to The Gambia.
“Gambian detainees in Germany said the German Government is planning to secretly deport them on Monday 5th October. Their fate is hanging on the balance,” said a concerned Gambian, who contacted this medium.
There are over 2,500 Gambians currently lined up to be deported from Germany.  The majority of them had traveled through the perilous back way journey to Europe.
Foreign Minister Momodou Tangara recently told Parliament that the Barrow government even had to plead with the German government to halt the deportations until the Coronavirus outbreak slowed down. It appears the government’s pleas had fallen into deaf ears. The Germans are determined to deport The Gambian illegals in their country.
It is not clear if the upcoming deportation was a retaliation from the Germans  in regards to Banjul’s failure to pass the 2020 draft constitution.
When contacted for comment, Saikou Ceesay, the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry said: “ We need to get back to you on this.“
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