The United Democratic Party nominated MP Yakumba Jaiteh has assaulted a drug squad officer one Ebrima Fadera, leaving the officer to sustain a deep injury on his head, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The MP was alleged to have thrown a rock (stone), to the officer, during a drug raid at her Kololi home on Tuesday night. Fadera, who was bleeding excessively was later subsequently hospitalized. He is said to be responding to treatment.

The incident happened last night around 11:00PM Gambian time at the MP’s home in Kololi, where drug squad officers busted MP Jaiteh’s brother one Tijan Marcuary with two packs of marijuana (cannabis). Mr. Marcuary was accosted by the raiding officers just outside the MP’s residence, where he was found in possession of drugs.

The antinarcotic officers tried to arrest Marcuary, but he resisted. Marcuary and his mates ran into the MP’s house to evade arrest. They were chased by the officers.

A crowd of youths later showed up to come to Marcuary’s aid, which resulted to a showdown between the officers and the resisting crowd. Fighting then ensued.

MP Yakumba Jaiteh, and her Dad joined the fray. The MP threw a stone to one of the arresting officers Ebrima Fadera and injured him on his head.

The drug squad officers then fired pepper spray at the scene of the crime to subdue the hostile crowd.  Tijan Marcuary and others were arrested and taken to the Serrekunda drug squad office.

Angered by the conduct of the drug squad officers, MP Yakumba Jaiteh telephoned IGP Mamout Jobe. She had placed numerous phone calls on IGP Jobe’s line but was unable to get hold of the police chief. She later phoned the Commissioner of police operations Pateh Jallow, sources said. She reportedly told Pateh Jallow that she was being allegedly “set up” by the Barrow government. She accused the police of pepper spraying  her and her family. She further claimed that one of her loved ones was even hospitalized because of the pepper spray.

Commissioner Pateh Jallow then visited the Serrekunda police station to ascertain the veracity of MP’s Jaiteh’s accusations against the force. To Jallow’s chagrin, he later found out that the drug raid was not conducted by the police, but the drug squad. Jallow was shocked that the MP had fed him with false information.

Jallow then phoned IGP Jobe in the presence of MP Jaiteh and asked MP Jaiteh to apologize to the IGP for making false accusations against the police force. The MP refused to make any apologizes. She claimed that she was a victim of drug squad excesses.

MP Jaiteh had earlier told Commissioner Pateh Jallow that she was being targeted because of her political affiliation with the UDP. She has accused the drug squad officers of assaulting her family.  She said the officers conduct was reprehensible.

MP Jaiteh never told Commissioner Jallow that she assaulted officer Ebrima Fadera. The officer’s assault came to Jallow’s attention at the police station.

Jallow was said to have implored MP Jaiteh to be mindful because Jallow told her that “no one is above the law.”

MP Jaiteh’s assault case was later referred to the drug squad head office. She and her family had two hours meeting with the DG of drug Squad Bakary Gassama. The following officers attended that meeting:

Bakary Gassama, Director General Drug Squad

Lamin Gassama, Director of Investigations and Borders

Jim Drammeh, Operations Director

Buba Fadera Officer Commanding Serrekunda Station

Juma Sowe, Commissioner KMC.

The meeting had concluded that no criminal charges would be brought against MP YaKumba Jaiteh. This followed the complainant’s refusal to press charges against MP Jaiteh.  Ebrima Fadera, a native of Kiang, said he doesn’t want to press charges against the MP. Fadera fears that if he should press charges against MP Jaiteh, the UDP arrogant supporters would go after him and his family.

The drug squad command, according to sources, claimed that charges  can only be pressed against MP Jaiteh, provided that the MP’s accuser Fadera was willing to testify against her in court.

Ebrima Fadera’s family are said to be UDP supporters. Both Fadera and the Drug Squad DG Bakary Gassama hailed from Kiang. Ebrima is related to Dawda Fadera, Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States.

The Drug Squad DG Bakary Gassama is from Kiang Kaif.

MP YaKumba Jaiteh was never arrested. She went to the Drug Squad on her own volution. She walked out of the DG’s office as a free woman. She was never charged.

Her assault case was settled at DG Gassama’s office. The complainant Ebrima Fadera was subsequently compensated for his medical expenses, according to sources.

Operations Director Jim Drammeh had a separate meeting with Yakumba’s family before the meeting which was held at DG Gassama’s office. Drammeh wanted charges to be filed against the MP, but the complainant Ebrima Fadera refused.

Meanwhile, Tijan Marcuary and co have been charged with drug possession. MP Yakumba Jaiteh was never charged for assaulting officer Ebrima Fadera.

Law enforcement sources said this is not the first time that MP Jaiteh had an encounter with the drug squad. A similar drug case that involved one of her loved ones, was settled after her visit to the Drug Squad head office.

Editors note: The drive by fake opposition media are aware of the MP’s assault case, but they are not willing to report the story. Stories critical of the opposition UDP are often censored. Independent journalism is gradually dying in The Gambia. The partisan media is a total disservice to this nation. They cherry pick on what to report.

Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 919-749-6319

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