Presidential Adviser Dodou Sanno has rebuffed what he called “a fake news being circulated by the supporters of the United Democratic Party (UDP) claiming that he is dead. “They said I am dead. I think they are referring to another Doo Sanno. I am not dead. I am alive, well and kicking. I am not dead. Nothing happened to me. I am not sick. I am well and okay,” Sanno remarked in a WhatsApp audio. He has called on the supporters of the National People’s Party (NPP) to disregard the UDP fake news about his demise.

“They have nothing to say, but to wish me death. God is going to judge them for their lies and ill intentions. After all, I am a human being, every human being that tastes life, would one day die. We are all going to die one day. If God wants me back, there is nothing that I can do to stop that. I am waiting for death. Both my mum and Dad have died. I couldn’t do anything about their death. So, who am I not to expect to die one day? Please disregard the UDP fake news. They are haters, they are only out to spread lies, and cause panic,” he added.

Sanno said the UDP party is consist of people, who are good at spreading lies. He couldn’t understand why any sane person would wish death to his fellow human being.

“These are misguided people, very bad and heartless people. They forgot that life goes with wellness and one being sick. Their lies would only attract them more sin. I am praying to the Almighty God to pass a judgment between me and the UDP. I am also praying to God to pass judgment between the UDP and President Barrow. May God disintegrate that bad political party. May God destroy that party. The UDP would end up tearing apart. Lies is their brand name. They want to destabilize this country. They have been mixing communities,” Sanno said.

Sanno warns that if the UDP doesn’t quit its style of politics of lies and smear campaign, the party risked polling less than ten thousand votes in the upcoming elections. He said the UDP has also be known as a party that insults and terrorize its opponents.

Sanno’s statement followed the recent indictment of Yakumba Jaiteh, a nominated member of the National Assembly. Mrs. Jaiteh has been charged with assaulting a police officer and obstructing an officer in the due execution of his duties. She has been accused of hitting a drug squad officer with a stone during a drug raid at her Kololi home. She has denied the charges.

In an attempt to divert the attention of the public from Yakumba Jaiteh’s assault case, the UDP supporters decided to falsely spread the fake death of Dodou Sanno.

Sanno says it is unGodly for the UDP supporters to use him to spread his fake death in an attempt to divert the public’s attention from Yakumba Jaiteh’s assault case

On Yakumba Jaiteh’s case, Sanno said he has no business in Yakumba’s case. He has accused Mrs. Jaiteh of being ungrateful to President Barrow.

“It was President Barrow who pardoned Yakumba Jaiteh’s Dad. Her Dad was jailed by the former government of President Jammeh for embezzlement of public funds. He was sentenced to 25 years for embezzling a huge amount of money. Her Dad used to work at the AMRC. He was not falsely jailed by Jammeh’s government. He was jailed because of the huge money he stole from the government,” Sanno revealed.

“Yakumba Jaiteh’s mother used to be our UDP Chairwoman. She was not the only Chairwoman in this country. In order to wipe her tears, President Barrow decided to extend a Presidential pardon to her Dad. President Barrow did not stop at freeing her father, he also nominated Yakumba Jaiteh as a member of the National Assembly. Her Dad, who was saved from serving 25 years jail term, conspired with her daughter to “Jangfa” (betray) President Barrow. My fellow Gambians, let me, ask you, has these people rewarded President Barrow for his good deeds and kind gesture? Do you expect a proper human being to behave like Yakumba and her Dad have done? Their conduct is inhumane,” he added.

He added that if the assault allegations that have been leveled against Yakumba Jaiteh are true, she might risked losing her MP seat if convicted. He added that he has never seen an ungrateful person like Yakumba Jaiteh.

Sanno has also raised the issue of government officials, some of whom, he said, their loyalty to the President and the country is questionable. He said there are some officials, who doesn’t wish President Barrow well, even the President has good intentions for them.

Written By Pa Nderry M”Bai

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