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Date: October 12, 2020

The PPP media and communication Committee held its first Jakarlo event at its party Secretariat on Sunday, 11th October 2020. The event intends to create a strong bond between our members and the party.

The PPP media and communication committees see the need to revive the PPP Jakarlo with the objective of depolarization of our current political atmosphere by engaging in membership education. The messages from the PPP JAKARLO will be connected to the priorities of our members and to further deepen their understanding of the party’s values, programs, and policies. The PPP Jakarlo format will be inclusive of ideas from all but will focus on the party’s history, achievements, policies, and national unity.

In short, it’s going to be a question and answer session focusing on the party’s history; the event would form a strong foundation of connection between our members and the party. PPP JAKARLO will address a key or some critical issues that have a high degree of sensitivity for our party members by directing a discussion that will highlight key fundamental areas of the party and will help our guest speakers to be able to persuade our members through their connection to the issues.

Our first Guest Speakers for PPP Jakarlo were Hon. Duta Kamaso and Aji Bintou Jaiteh they were able to form a strong connection with our party members by telling their story about their personal experiences as politicians. The messages focused on the importance of women and youth participation in politics, they were very productive, and a lot of young people left the gathering inspired. Other speakers include Hon. Fatoumata Njie (Touma) National Assembly Member for Banjul South, Aja Haddy Jeng of Jarra Soma, Pa Modou  Drammeh National Youth Secretary, Ousman Sarjo of Fajikunda. All the speakers emphasized that PPP is an all-inclusiveness party that has zero tolerance for any discrimination.

Speaking at the event, Hon. Kebba Jallow, Interim Leader of the PPP, applauded the idea of the revitalization of PPP Jakarlo; he told the audience, the PPP Jakarlo was organized by the PPP political Education Unit in the early 1980s at the party secretariat. Mr. Jallow said this is where PPP political Philosophy, democratic orientation, and other issues about the party are discussed, and the program used to be sponsored by the Fredrick Ebert Foundation, a German NGO.

For the first time, the Interim Leader addresses the party members he said his objective is to rebuild the PPP around its core values of discipline, civility, education, social cohesion, national development, and inclusiveness. He also wants to bridge and cement Gambia’s youthful population with PPP’s rich history of tolerance, the rule of law, human rights, and diversity, which is now missing due to 22 years of dictatorship. He promises to lay down a strong foundation for a successful congress in the coming months. He calls on all Gambians to join the efforts of the Revitalization of our great Party, The People’s Progressive Party.

Vox Popli Vox Die (the Voice of the people is the voice of God.)

Mr. Ebrima Savage

Public Relation Officer

People’s Progressive Party

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