Gambia: Who owns this pyramid scheme called SEEDS2GROW?? Washington DC Gambian lady accused of extorting over $100,000 from Susu contributors


A Washington DC Gambian lady, who is currently on a visit to The Gambia, has been operating a pyramid scheme called SEEDS2GROW. She has allegedly extorted over one hundred thousand dollars from her SUSU club.


There are other Gambian pyramid schemes being operated in other cities around the United States. Some victims of the illegal pyramid scheme are afraid to report their case to the police for fear of being deported, as some of them are illegals.

Pyramid scheme is illegal in the United States. If one is convicted of the scheme, he or she risked facing one-year jail term or more.  For more on this story, stay tuned.

The scheme is often ran by an organized crime syndicate. Participants to the scheme often do not know the admins of what they called “the flower pyramid.” They are recruited by direct beneficiaries of the scam.

A SUSU owner would often recruit his or her immediate family members to lure unsuspecting participants into the scheme to extort thousands of dollars from them. He or she would use third parties to recruit participants to join the SUSU.

One is required to pay $500 dollars to join the pyramid. Once you become a member, you are also required to bring in two or three people into the pyramid.

For one to cash out in the illegal scheme, he or she  must feature on a computer moderated flower. The person running the scheme would determine who would appear in that flower. Few people are lucky to be featured on the flower.

Once the organizer harvest the needed money he or she targeted, the moderated flower would be set to crash. The admins of the illegal scam would then give excuses to the SUSU contributors that they have scammed.  Contributors wouldn’t get their money at the end of the day.  Some had lost thousands of dollars from the scam.

Thousands of Gambians both at home and abroad are victims of such an illegal scam.

There is also a pool of water that engulfs the flower associated with the pyramid.

If an object that resembles like a person drowns into the flower, the SUSU participants are required to pay $500 dollars to rescue the drowned object. That is a prospect for a contributor to cash out in subsequent disbursements.

It is a tricky scam. The owner often harvests the majority of the SUSU FUNDS.  Gambians living home, including law enforcement agents are among those who have been scammed. Gambians living  in the United States, England, Sweden, France and elsewhere around Europe are also victims of this illegal pyramid.

Attempts to reach the accused Gambian lady for comment proved futile.  She wasn’t available for comments.

For more on the story tuned in.  Please visit this link to access the secret pyramid scheme:

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