An interesting drama unfolded at Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission on Thursday. The Commission had earlier received a testimony from an anonymous witness Dr. Sabally. Sabally testimony centered on dictator Jammeh’s fake HIV/AIDS treatment.  His identity was sealed by the Commission.

Questions later emerged about the identity of the undercover witness. This medium contacted its trusted and dependable sources on the ground. We were reliably informed that the witness was Dr. Sabally.

It is not clear as to why Sabally decided to testify undercover. Sources have it that both Dr. Sabally and Dr. Tamsir Mbowe were somehow reluctant to honor the TRRC invitation when earlier invited by the Commission. The Commission even had to issue subpoena to compel the duo to testify.


Dr. Mbow was the next witness lined up to give evidence after Sabally’s testimony. Mbowe never showed up. Sources have it that the disclosure of his identity by this medium had changed the events at the TRRC. Mbowe for unknown reasons, never testified as scheduled. Reports have it that the Gynecologist and former Jammeh aids cure supervisor wasn’t happy that his cover was blown before his scheduled appearance.

Another witness was brought in to testify. Mbowe is yet to testify.

Jammeh’s ghost is still hunting his former enablers. Both Sabally and Mbowe wouldn’t want to testify in the open for reasons best known to them.

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