The Deputy Youth Presidential Adviser Saihou Mballow has rebuffed allegations peddled by the opposition that President Barrow’s NPP party has been registering non-Gambians to obtain Gambian voters’ cards. “There is no iota of truth into the allegations. It is a fabricated allegation geared towards damaging the reputation of the NPP. Since they have no prospect of winning elections, they have now resorted to peddling lies against the NPP. The NPP doesn’t issue voters’ cards. Voters cards are issued by the IEC. The IEC will soon embark on general registration of voters. They should get their stories right before jumping to social media to spread lies and fake news,” Mballow remarked. 

The GMC leader Mai Fatty was among those who shared what he called a Gambian voters’ card that was seized from a Senegalese national by Gambia’s immigration agents at Barra. Fatty even called on the IEC to investigate how the non-Gambian was able to acquire the country’s national document. Fatty told his followers that he was going to get to bottom of the case.

Reacting to the story, the Presidential adviser said he is disappointed with Mai Fatty.

“I am really disappointed with Mai Fatty. How can he be part of such fake news being spread against the government? It is insane for anyone to accuse this government of issuing voters’ cards to foreigners. We have nothing to do with the issuance of voters’ cards, that is the job of the IEC. Mai Fatty is part of the dysfunctional opposition. They cannot win elections in this country. They are popular on social media and not in this country. Gambians are in support of President Barrow and the NPP,” Mballow said.

Mballow did not stop at putting Mai Fatty at his right place, he also accused the opposition UDP of trafficking fake news on Facebook and other social media platforms. He says the UDP would suffer its natural dead after the 2021 elections.

“The UDP is a violent party. This party has nothing to offer to Gambians other than lies and violence. The UDP has lost the support of The Gambian people here on the ground. They are on the path to self-destruction. No serious Gambian would support such a retrogressive violent party,” Mballow said.

Mballow has also vowed that the NPP would win the Niamina West byelections

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